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Video | “Back to Water” ethereal video explores beauty in liquid form

Moody and ethereal video explores beauty in liquid form.

I don’t normally show commercials, but this epic, one-minute video created for Tribord, the French board sport company, is a valid exception to the rule. Produced by Fred & Farid Paris, the video offers proof that a powerful story can be told with strong visuals and a simple soundtrack.

Shot on location in Bali, “Back to Water” features a stunning woman diving, paddling and swimming in the sea, a lone figure in the ocean’s vast expanse.



TRIBORD | BACK TO WATER | 60 SECONDS from Fred & Farid Group on Vimeo.

Funny Dog Video | dog riding bike w chorus line of dogs behind

Dog Riding Bike With Dog Chorus Line

Crazy video of dog riding bike with chorus line of dogs behind him. Well I was impressed enough by the clip of the big Briard beast, Norman, who rode a bike pretty well and has appeared on TV numerous times and has a viral video. Then I accidentally came across this “nobody” dog from who-knows-where, and he does the same feat as famous Norman–plus he leads a chorus line of other dogs.

Video-of-dog-riding-bike-with-a-chorus-line-of-walking-dogs-behind-him. (1)

Funny Animal Video-dog-riding-bike-with-a-chorus-line-of-walking-dogs-behind-him

Video | Top 10 Biggest and Best Jumps Ever

Get ready to be amazed by this range of insane and/or gutsy moves by humans defying gravity.

Video-of-Top-10-Biggest-and-Best-Jumps-Ever, crazy, funny

Video-of-Top-10-Biggest-and-Best-Jumps-Ever, crazy, funny

Included is Joseph Kittinger, the first man to reach the speed of sound without an aircraft. This video features outrageous ski jumps, insanely long motor cross jumps, soaring base jumping meters from cliff faces, stupidly high dives into water and the biggest sky dive of all time. A lot of crazy-funny and breathtaking stuff here.

Top 10 biggest and best jumps ever crazy funny video

Video | “Bicycle Sounds” features bikes as creative musical instruments

Stephen Meierding’s entry into the “Bike Shorts” film competition features bikes as creative musical instruments.

From Brian Eno to Autechre, musicians have long used found objects to create sounds for songs. Hell, one of the greatest records of all time, the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, has a song (“You Still Believe In Me”) featuring bike bells and horns. But this we’ve never seen.

In “Bicycle Sounds,” a short film from photographer Stephen Meierding we watch and listen to an intricate arrangement of beats created using only moving bike parts. Okay, so maybe “music” isn’t the correct term here. But the film is totally mesmerizing. Definitely worth a watch.

Bicycle Sounds from Stephen Meierding on Vimeo.

Video | “10 Bets You Will Always Win” – easy tricks to guarantee winning bar bets

Easy to follow video shows a few tricks to impress your friends, and maybe even put cash in your pocket.

A funny video demonstrating how to win bar bets with 10 easy tricks.

A funny video demonstrating how to win bar bets with 10 easy tricks.

The summer is a good time for get-togethers with friends and family. This viral video, “10 Bets You Will Always Win” , shows you a few tricks that can impress your friends, and maybe even put some cash in your pocket. It easily demonstrates ten different ways you can pretty much guarantee a win when it comes to bar bets and wagers. Although if you attempt trick #10, don’t be surprised if you get two drinks thrown at you. This video is pretty funny in the way it addresses the flaws in human nature.

This video comes to us from Brit psychologist, Professor Richard Wiseman, who has published in some of the world’s leading academic journals, had his best-selling books translated into over 30 languages, presented keynote addresses at Microsoft and Google, created YouTube videos that have received over 30 millions views,  and was recently listed in the Independent On Sunday’s top 100 people who make Britain a better place to live.

Video showing ten tricks to win bets

Video | “Vanishing Point” visually creative animation abstraction from Takuya Hosogane

Well done and visually creative animation abstraction from Takuya Hosogane

Immerse yourself in visual joy, “Vanishing Point,” an expressionistic piece of 3D abstraction from Takuya Hosogane.

The animated clip, made with next-gen software like After Effects, Cinema 4D and iModeller 3D, features basic shapes shifting and morphing in synch with electronic sounds. This is pure A/V catharsis.

Vanishing Point from Takuya Hosogane on Vimeo.