Podcasts | Mohr Stories – comedian Jay Mohr weaves humorous tales & interviews

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Comedian Jay Mohr and a rotating cast of his hilarious friends regale you with tales and conversation covering every topic imaginable on his podcast Mohr Stories.

Following an impressive filmography, Jay’s favorite project he’s ever worked on has been developing his “Mohr Stories” podcast. I started listening to the podcast last year and have enjoyed about 50 episodes thus far. He is now approaching his 100th episode.

He’s entertained a wide assortment of guests–ranging from Rufus Wainwright and Charlie Sheen, to his own priest and fellow podcasters Marc Maron and Adam Carolla.

Shira Lazar interviews Jay Mohr about his podcast Mohr Stories

“I never would’ve thought that in the age of, you know, post-Kardashian world that people’s appointment listening and viewing would be me and my friends talking in my garage,” Jay remarks of the Internet platform.  

So, how would he describe his own show? “It’s if you and your friends smoked a joint and drove to Vegas and like that deep, deep conversation you get as you pass through Zyzzyx,” he says. “It’s that without the joint.”

Comedian Jay Mohr takes questions from fans about his podcast, Mohr Stories, working as a stand-up comedian and the worst moment of his career.

Jay Mohr calls his podcast, “Mohr Stories,” his favorite thing that he’s ever worked on.

Hear him talk about the show’s impending 100th episode, why comedians love chatting with him in his garage and the stories behind booking some of his biggest guests.

Also, Jay talks about playing more nice guys, the possibilities of returning to television, his first major role in “Jerry Maguire” and even the least favorite moment of his Hollywood career. PLUS hear lots of great questions from fans, courtesy of co-host, Brett the Intern!

Podcast Review: Mohr Stories by Christian Krauspe

Jay Mohr is someone you probably have very strong feelings about whether you know it or not. You’ve seen him in Jerry McGuire, Gary Unmarried, SNL or as the host of Last Comic Standing. You either love him or hate him. Or, for a few of you – you love to hate him. But he sure can be a funny f*cker. In any case, his podcast, “Mohr Stories” is something that might be worth your time.

The show features some great stories from the world of movies, comedy, and sports. In addition, Jay has some delightful guests from the realm of comedy join him on the mic like Tom Segura, Colin Quinn, Jim Jefferies, and Dave Attell. There really has yet to be a disappointing episode, with the exception Eric Roberts forgetting the name of the character he played in The Dark Knight. But, the guy’s Eric Roberts – he can do that, I guess.

Jay Mohr

What else are you really looking for? Sports fan? Check out the podcast. Want to know what Tom Cruise is like on the set? Check out the podcast. Want to know how much of a b*tch Jennifer Aniston can be? Want to hear endless Pesci, Walken, and Tracey Morgan impressions? Want to slowly but surely start to take Jay Mohr’s ideas about sports and pass them off as your own? Check out the podcast.

It’s free every Thursday on iTunes and it clocks in around a little over an hour. Perfect for a workout or drive to work. Also, there’s plenty of great back-episodes to catch up on.

About Jay Mohr

The multi-talented Jay Mohr’s career has spanned over two decades. He first walked on stage to do stand-up comedy at the young age of sixteen and quickly received audience notice with his dead-on impressions of Christopher Walken, Tracy Morgan, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Norm MacDonald and Ina Gartner from The Food Network.

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Jay Mohr standup comedy

Jay Mohr with his wife Nikki Cox


Comedian Jay Mohr Launches Podcast Network

The Hollywood Reporter by Andy Lewis

Fake Mustache’s lineup of interview, comedy and sports-oriented podcasts launches with an episode of “Mohr Stories” featuring Jay Leno.

Comedian and actor Jay Mohr (Last Comic Standing, Gary Unmarried) launched the podcast network Fake Mustache on Monday.

In addition to his Mohr Stories podcast, the network’s lineup includes The Crab Feast With Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson, Talking S**t With Jim Jeffreys and Eddie Ifft and a daily sports-oriented podcast,The Joe McDonnell Experience.

The podcasts are available on iTunes, at fakemustache.com and through a custom Mohr Stories app for Android and iOS, which is available at the Android, Amazon and iTunes app stores.

Mohr jumped into podcasting just one year ago when show his debuted on Kevin Smith’s Smodcast Network. It was an instant success.

Jay Mohr in his role of Bob Sugar in the film Jerry Maguire

Mohr was hooked on the combination of intimacy (he tapes the podcast in the garage of his Pacific Palisades home), mellowness (“just a couple of guys knee-to-knee talking”) and wide reach (“blows me away when I get e-mail from people in Australia or soldiers in Afghanistan”) that podcasts allow.

Smith let him out of his contract early — the “most amicable divorce in the history of Hollywood” — so he could try his hand at starting his own network.

Mohr’s revamped podcast debuted Aug. 6 with Jay Leno as the guest. Mohr says it’s a wide-ranging talk on the craft of comedy. He’ll continue on a twice-a-week schedule. The others also will be on a semi-weekly schedule, with McDonell doing daily duty.

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