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Funny Dog Video | puppy & baby love fest, hugging, kissing

Baby & Puppy Love Fest

 I’ve never seen a puppy so thoroughly enthralled with a baby. It is so utterly cute! Such hugging and kissing and fuzzy fun. If you need a quick stress reliever and awwwww moment, this is the  clip for you. This Golden Retriever puppy is only 2 months old and the baby girl is 8 months. I put a 2nd video up which shows the scene from another camera angle. Did you know growing up with a doggy playmate can prevent child asthma? Got kid? Get dog 🙂

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Funny Animal Videos-puppy & baby hugging, kissing & playing with each other

Funny Cat Video | baby and cat In snuggling nirvana

Baby And Cat In Snuggling Nirvana

This is the cutest baby and cat video I’ve ever seen! It’s almost too cute. These two are just enthralled with each other. Whenever you’re experiencing stress overload, a few seconds of this snug fest is the medicine that will instantly lower your blood pressure to bliss level. Enjoy.


Funny Dog Video | dog tries to get statue to play fetch

Dog trying to play fetch with statue

This is the epitome, the very definition of dogged determination! This pooch is totally convinced a statue of a man is actually alive and has to play fetch with him. Must play! The border collie barks and cries and bounds about with such enthusiasm, I was half expecting that statue to give up and toss the stick. It’s quite funny and shows how it’s darn hard to dampen the passion of a canine who desires to do something. Now!

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