Silhouette Spirits

Silhouette Spirits


Venice - sailboats - sunset - under pie

Such a dilemma! I’m vehemently arguing with myself. Can I allow this image in my Silhouette Spirits series if I don’t have any humans in it? All my other ones do. Can there be spirits without peoples? A few frames before, I indeed had humans included in the foreground.

But damn it, I like this photo the best. Not even sure why. Maybe the simplicity of form? The sparklines of the sparkles? The strong foreground silhouette of the pier pilings contrasted with the more delicate sails in the background?

But I concluded all those points ain’t the point. Is this non-human photo legal to have in this series? That is the question. After arguing back and forth a while, I had to be honest. Nope. It’s not legal, case closed. I hate it when I lose an argument with myself due to a dumb thing called logic. So I put the image away. Forgot about it. Sigh.

But today my mind came up with a small “yeah but”! Then a bigger YEAH BUT! No humans in the image? Yeah but… there are human’s on the boats! And then that means there are spirits, and one of them is likely silhouetted against something. Whah-lah! In the court of my muddled mind, the gavel is slammed, and the verdict is officially rendered—it is indeed legal to have this in the Silhouette Spirit series! Case closed.

I love it when I win an argument with myself. Onward, I’m putting this one up and sharing it with the world. Good job, Greg. Brilliant insights!

PS – Uh, this is embarrassing. A little while ago, I was enhancing the photo, and I, um, I enlarged it quite a bit. And gosh, I noticed a teeny tiny human perfectly silhouetted on the back of the larger sailboat. So all the above points are pointless. Many moots. Please forgive my silly muddled mental arguing. It’ll never happen again.

PSS – Ok, it will surely happen again. Always does.


This image stands out from the others in this series because it doesn’t have the vibrant saturated coloration of the previous photos. So I guess we could call it a subtle spirit. I’m fond of its strong composition lines, and it conjures a serene relaxed feeling of this moment in time.


Venice - sunset - long view, high angle - pier, tiny silhouetts

Most of the photos in the series usually have the silhouette figures large and prominent in the image. But this one is a bit different in that the people are kind of ant-sized. Big sky, medium ocean and tiny humans. Kind of the natural order of things anyway.


Venice-sunset silhouette-paddle board surfer - IMG_2152

So I’m gazing out at the unusually tranquil sea and I’ll be damned if I’m not witnessing a miracle–someone walking upon the water. Well it looked like that. But I really know better but this little kid nearby didn’t and excitedly exclaimed that a man was walking around on the ocean. Because viewing this guy from shore, looking into the shimmering sun and reflections, you can’t see his paddleboard, but he’s stepping back and forth on it, and creating an apparition which sure conjures up miracle time.