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Business Hacks | win-win biz, helping the environment and humans in need

Flowers at weddings are beautiful—but their beauty doesn’t have to end there. People donate to Repeat Roses, who picks up the flowers, re-purposes them, and drops them off at hospices, hospitals and nursing homes, where they conjure needed smiles on patients’ faces.

Business Hacks - win-win business, helping humans in need and the environment TAnd then Repeat Roses takes it one step further–a week later, they pick up the flowers and compost them, saving them from the garbage.


Spread smiles to those in need. On your behalf, we deliver beautifully refreshed flower bouquets and arrangements to residents and patients in hospitals, cancer treatment centers, nursing homes, hospice care and shelter facilities.

Together, we can bring kindness and make a positive impact in communities across the country. From our headquarters in New York City to Los Angeles, California and all points in between. Continue reading »

Websites | being professionally personable on Facebook

When people talk about using social media to advance their careers, they’re usually talking about LinkedIn, Twitter, or maybe their blog. But the reality is that more people use Facebook than any other social network, which means you need a Facebook strategy for your career.

Websites - social media, being professionally personable on FacebookBeing Professionally Personable on Facebook

by Alexandra Samuel

Companies use Facebook pages to harness the power of its network to reach business goals, and individuals can do the same thing: particularly if you’re an author or other recognized expert, you can create a Facebook page for your professional identity, and promote that page just like any other brand presence.

But most of the time we’re on Facebook we are using our personal accounts, so especially if you’re open to friending your colleagues it’s crucial to think about how you’ll manage your personal account in relation to your professional identity. That’s because life on Facebook increasingly spans both the personal and professional.

We use Facebook to share our professional news: career accomplishments, job changes, requests for business advice, or posting links to industry-related content.

Websites - social media, being professionally personable on FacebookWe also use Facebook to share our personal news: stories about the kids, photos of the family, hysterical YouTube cat videos, and political rants.

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Life Hacks | the little-known everyday habit of highly successful people

Working late into the night can make you more productive–and more successful–than you ever imagined.

Life-Hacks- little-known-everyday-habit-of-highly-successful-peopleThe Little-Known Everyday Habit of Highly Successful People

by Peter Economy

What’s that more successful person doing right now? Chances are, they are going to go to bed long after you’ve reached the happy land of dreams.

Although site after site encourages you to rest and take care of yourself–usually advocating tons of sleep to make sure your brain isn’t overworked–training yourself to fight exhaustion is a very powerful statement. The beauty of staying up late is that you have uninterrupted time to focus on yourself–and your work. Continue reading »

Funny Dog Video | dog plays piano and sings

Dog Plays Piano And Sings

So this hilarious dog’s name is Elmo and he sings with all the passion of the finest opera stars. And he doesn’t limit himself to just one piano–he plays two upright pianos and a grand piano. Going from one to the other. If you want a furry laugh, then Elmo is the musician for you.


Dog sings and plays piano


Funny Dog & Cat Video | cats annoying dogs compilation

Here is a hilarious viral video compilation of dogs and cats. The cats are annoying the heck out of the poor canines they live with in a variety of ways, and it’s surprising the dogs put up with it without retaliating.


cats annoying dogs compilation

Apps List


The Best Travel AppsYahoo Video GuideThe Best Weather Apps TED’s Best Apps To Make Everyday Life EasierAnonymous Apps Let Social Media Users Speak FreelyApps To Improve Smartphone Typing Facetune Improve Phone Battery Life Top Ten Traveling Apps – 8 after-work apps10 Productivity AppsPocketIMDBBig Oven – Plan B & Find My iPhoneViddyLayar & JunaioParkerGasBuddyFido FactorRedLaserDragon

Apps | the 12 best travel apps

A travel pro takes you to the best apps which will make your journeys easier and more enjoyable.

By Stephanie Rosenbloom

Monk pathRecently I deleted dozens of travel apps from my iPhone. Many are great. They allowed me to research unfamiliar places, listen to audio tours and turn my photos into postcards. But travel is about tapping the world, not a screen, so I’m ending the year with an app purge. I’ve kept only what I use often. An app didn’t have to be new (most weren’t) to make the cut, but it had to make travel easier or significantly more enjoyable. Below are a dozen that have earned a spot on my smartphone heading into 2016.

monk walking down path

© photo by Gregory Mancuso

Bravolol This app brand puts basic phrases and vocabulary — “Thank you,” “How much?,” “A table for two, please” — at your fingertips. Continue reading »

Business Hacks | being happier at work

Emma Seppälä, author of The Happiness Track, explains the proven benefits of a positive outlook; simple ways to increase your sense of well-being; and why it’s not about being ecstatic or excited all the time. Audio IdeaCast available too.

Jumping business executive man and woman in photo shot by corporate Los Angeles photographerSARAH GREEN CARMICHAEL: Welcome to the HBR IdeaCast from Harvard Business Review. I’m Sarah Green Carmichael. Today, I’m talking with Emma Seppala, science director of Stanford’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. She’s the author of the brand new book, The Happiness Track, How to Apply the Science of Happiness to Accelerate Your Success. Emma, thank you so much for talking with us today.

EMMA SEPPALA: Oh, you’re more than welcome. I’m happy to be here.

SARAH GREEN CARMICHAEL: So I thought we should just start by talking about how you define success in the purposes of the book because you started, I thought was really interesting, with a quote from late poet Maya Angelou, who actually was one of my all-time favorite interviews that we’ve done on the IdeaCast. That was a few years ago. But she stuck out in my mind.

Jumping business executive man and woman in photo shot by corporate Los Angeles photographer

© photo by Gregory Mancuso – Jumping business executive man and woman in photo shot by corporate Los Angeles photographer

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Photography | My Venice Neighborhood Project

My new year’s resolution was to create more images of a non-commercial, personal nature. Shooting whatever I see while walking my dog Nunzi around our Venice neighborhood. Seems I’m actually doing it and enjoying it and here’s what I’ve shot so far.



Venice Beach CA shot from under pier looking at sunset, ocean surf, and children playing in water shot by a Los Angeles corporate photographer

Gazing out from under the pier, enjoying two kids playing tag with the surf.





Funny Dog Video | goofy dog running along Venice Canals

One of my dog Nunzi’s favorite places to go for a walk is along the Venice canals. Since we’re fortunate enough to live just down the block from them, we romp around there a lot. Nunzi says since he’s a bird dog, he enjoys watching the ducks, pelicans and egrets, and I appreciate the serene scene which is a great LA stress diffuser. Here’s one of our favorites loops from Washington, across the 27th Ave bridge and back.

A goofy dog having fun running around famous Venice Canals in funny youtube clip for kids

A goofy dog having fun running around famous Venice Canals in funny youtube clip for kids


Apps | Yahoo Video Guide combines all your streaming apps into one

The streaming app to rule them all. With Yahoo Video Guide you can quickly find and stream all your favorite TV shows and movies in one beautiful app.

Yahoo Video Guide combines all your streaming apps into oneIf you subscribe to a lot of different streaming video services, you know that picking something to watch is complicated. Yahoo Video Guide makes it a lot easier by showing you all the available options for the services you actually use.

When you first open up the app, it’ll scan your phone for streaming video apps (like Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Go, ABC, Fox, etc), and then build out a list of recommendations for stuff to watch based on the apps you have installed (you can always add in more services manually if you want).

Yahoo Video Guide combines all your streaming apps into one, iphone androidFrom there, you can search for movies and shows based on the featured tab, by genre, directly from the search bar, or by the awkward GIF-powered “Mood Picker.” You can also rule out paying for anything by filtering away rentals or buy options. The recommendations themselves are a bit generic and aren’t based on your viewing habits, but it essentially makes it so you can browse all the video options on every service at once, which is awesome when you’re in the mood for a particular genre.

Once you pick something to watch, tap the play button and it’ll automatically open in the video app it’s available on. This is a much better option than apps we’ve seen before and should make hunting for something to watch between multiple services a lot easier.

By Thorin Klosowski – Continue reading

Business Hacks | what is disruptive innovation now?

The theory of disruptive innovation has proved to be a powerful way of thinking about innovation-driven growth. Here’s an excellent article and video about how it’s evolving.

What-Is-Disruptive-Innovation-evolving toBy Clayton M. Christensen, Michael E. Raynor, Rory McDonald

The theory of disruptive innovation, introduced in these pages in 1995, has proved to be a powerful way of thinking about innovation-driven growth. Many leaders of small, entrepreneurial companies praise it as their guiding star; so do many executives at large, well-established organizations, including Intel, Southern New Hampshire University, and

Unfortunately, disruption theory is in danger of becoming a victim of its own success. Despite broad dissemination, the theory’s core concepts have been widely misunderstood and its basic tenets frequently misapplied. Furthermore, essential refinements in the theory over the past 20 years appear to have been overshadowed by the popularity of the initial formulation. As a result, the theory is sometimes criticized for shortcomings that have already been addressed. Continue reading »

Dog Video | Great Dane helps child learn to walk again

When Bella met George, something wonderful happened. Not long ago, the 11-year-old with a rare disorder was clinging to crutches. But now she’s walking with the help of a Great Dane who has become her best friend and constant companion.

child-Bella-and-great-dane-service-dog-George-helping-her-walk-without-crutchesIn her young life so far, Bella has had nine major surgeries, including reconstruction of her hips and feet. She’s also had problems with mobility, getting around on crutches but using them more to swing her legs rather than walking on them. Her parents worried she was losing muscle strength in her lower body, relying on her upper body instead to move.

Child-Bella-and-great-dane-service-dog-George-helping-her-walk-without-crutchesThat all changed when she met George. The Burtons weren’t looking for a service animal, but about two years ago, they heard about the Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Massachusetts, which trains and donates Great Danes for people with balance and mobility issues.

Continue reading

Bella-and-great-dane-George-walking-without-crutches video

Funny Dog & Cat Video | cats, dogs, different animals looking silly while eating

Here is a hilarious viral video compilation of dogs and cats and other animals like monkeys, racoons, giraffes, who look very funny, silly and cute while eating in unusual ways.




Funny Dog Video | dog alarm clocks compilation

No matter how many times you press the snooze button, your alarm clock will not love you back. Dogs are a different story. With a canine as a means of waking up, you greet the day with nuzzles, groans and some slobber. Here is a hilarious video with our favorite furry alarm clocks doing their job whether you want it or not.


Life Hacks | you’re already more persuasive than you think

Life-Hacks--top-10-tips-to-show-you’re-already-more-persuasive-than-you-think TIt’s amazing the opportunities we miss because we often doubt our own powers of persuasion.

You’re Already More Persuasive than You Think

by Vanessa K. Bohns

Our bosses make shortsighted decisions, but we don’t suggest an alternative, figuring they wouldn’t listen anyway. Or we have an idea that would require a group effort, but we don’t try to sell our peers on it, figuring it would be too much of an uphill battle. Even when we need a personal favor, such as coverage for an absence, we avoid asking our colleagues out of fear of rejection. Continue reading »

Business Hacks | the new science of customer emotions

When companies connect with customers’ emotions, the payoff can be huge.

Business Hacks-The New Science of Customer Emotions - best tips to increase sales

© photo by Gregory Mancuso

The New Science of Customer Emotions

By Scott Magids, Alan Zorfas, Daniel Leemon

When companies connect with customers’ emotions, the payoff can be huge. Consider these examples: After a major bank introduced a credit card for Millennials that was designed to inspire emotional connection, use among the segment increased by 70% and new account growth rose by 40%.

Within a year of launching products and messaging to maximize emotional connection, a leading household cleaner turned market share losses into double-digit growth. And when a nationwide apparel retailer reoriented its merchandising and customer experience to its most emotionally connected customer segments, same-store sales growth accelerated more than threefold. Continue reading »

Dog Videos | heartwarming story of sick Cheetah cub and his puppy savior

Just when the Cheetah cub was having a hard time surviving, some kind-hearted humans and a brave shelter puppy came to his rescue.

Funny-and-heartwarming-dog-video-for-kids-of-cheetah-and-puppy-friendshipMeet Kumbali and Kao, two very unique friends. Kumbali the Cheetah was the runt of his litter and wasn’t getting enough milk from his mother to survive, so the staff at the Richmond Zoo decided to nurse him themselves. But they also knew the youngster needed a companion. Cheetahs are very sociable big cats and need company to thrive and not become anxious. The zoo found Kago, a lab mix who was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Alabama. Continue reading »

Funny Dog Videos | sneaky diabolical dogs raiding the kitchen

These dogs are amazingly good at stealing all kinds of food from all kinds of places! It’s hilarious watching the inventive ways these canines figure out how to get around whatever their humans have put in the way of their path to yummy treasures. One funny dog even wheels a chair into the kitchen to aid his quest of hopping on top of the counter. No food is safe from these furry bandits.

Best funniest video-of-dogs-stealing all kinds of-food-from-the-kitchen

Best funniest video-of-dogs-stealing all kinds of-food-from-the-kitchen


Funny Dog & Cat Video | cats annoying dogs

Hey who says that cats and dogs don’t get along much? They get along, but often disagree what the best way to get along is. Here’s a hilarious compilation showing how cats and kittens play with and mostly annoy dogs. While trying to get along?