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Articles and reviews about excellent apps

Apps | GasBuddy – finds best gas prices where ever you are

This superb free app, GasBuddy, finds the cheapest gas prices on the go or at locales you know. GB is my BFF and he wants to be yours too.

gasBuddy app finds least expensive gasWhen gas prices rise at a rapid rate, large price discrepancies in a region become more prevalent. Right now GasBuddy is showing that there’s over a 40 cent price differential within a couple of miles of me. Fill up a tank and that adds up.

This free app easily finds the lowest prices right where you happen to be, via gps. Or you can plan ahead to where you’re going to be by typing in a zip code. I’ve found it has about a 90% accuracy which ain’t half bad. Give my dear buddy a try and save a buck or ten. Best gas pricing app.

GasBuddy app finds cheap gas prices, best top 10 app

GasBuddy app finds cheap gas prices, best top 10 app

Apps | Fido Factor – fetches dog-friendly locations where ever you roam

(Special post written by my dog Enzo) Think us dogs wanna be left behind while you go have fun? Well we don’t! Not never! So fetch the Fido Factor app and it’ll tell you where you can go with your canine, where ever you happen to go.

This app sniffs out pooch-friendly bars, restaurants, hotels, parks, stores, beaches, transportation, and lots of pet services. Yep, this mighty fine Fido Factor, a free app, digs up and fetches a big user-generated list of dog-friendly locations.

Simply get your opposable thumbs tapping, search for a location type (i.e. restaurant) and you’ll find a list of locales which welcome canines, along with ratings, reviews, photos, and a filled-in Google map.

dogs sitting on bench

Enzo with his girlfriend – photo ©GregoryMancuso

It’s a lot like Yelp, but for dog lovers. And we know dog lovers are the best lovers : )

Fido Factor smart phone app screen shots

click to enlarge screenshots

You can browse around by category, name, or do a proximity search for cool canine hotspots right around you.

Recently I was a hound outta town, exploring the Bay Area. So I find myself prancing around San Fran and Greg, my personal valet, (he hates when I call him that, but that’s what he is) wanted a beer.

So I told him to take out Fido Factor and find a bar that has the good taste to allow canines in to have a taste too.

This is what we got…    Continue reading »

Apps | RedLaser – compares product prices online or in stores

I’ve found RedLaser is the best app for comparing product prices. It also delivers food nutrition and allergen info, finds library books and more.

RedLaser-pricing-check-app,-thumbRedLaser uses your smart phone’s camera to scan the barcode of products that you might buy. It then hits the Internet to pull down a list of prices so you can see if you’re getting a good deal. Better price online?

Then, with a few taps, RedLaser lets you jump to a merchant’s online site to close the deal or e-mail yourself the details if you prefer to do your online shopping from a desktop.

RedLaser is the best app for comparing product prices & it delivers food nutrition, allergen info, finds library books

RedLaser is the best app for comparing product prices & it delivers food nutrition, allergen info, finds library books

RedLaser app how-to video

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Apps | Dragon – Fire up texting, emails, tweets without typing

I like texting except for the typing. So my pet Dragon swallows my voice and spits out hot text–for text messages, emails, Twitter, Facebook updates, notes and whatevers. Dragon Dictation is a free bird too.

Apps Dragon dictationYep, I like texting except for the typing part and this wonderful app beast, DRAGON DICTATION, helps me out. You talk to Dragon and he swallows your voice and fires out text. Press one of his belly buttons and your words fly off as a text message, email, Twitter and Facebook updates, and notes of any kind.

It’s quite easy to use and surprisingly accurate without any training–good Dragon, good boy.

Apps - Dragon dictation screen shotsThis app comes in quite handy when I want to text out while simultaneously juggling tasks like walking the dog, riding a bike, corraling a kid, cooking, or shooting a shoot. Here are some smoking screen shots, videos and details showing how the beast roars.

Dragon app how-to video

Stay connected, even when you are Hands-Busy. Dragon Dictation an easy-to-use voice recognition application that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text content for everything from email messages to blog posts. In fact, it’s up to five times faster than typing on the keyboard.    Continue reading »