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Apps | Yahoo Video Guide combines all your streaming apps into one

The streaming app to rule them all. With Yahoo Video Guide you can quickly find and stream all your favorite TV shows and movies in one beautiful app.

Yahoo Video Guide combines all your streaming apps into oneIf you subscribe to a lot of different streaming video services, you know that picking something to watch is complicated. Yahoo Video Guide makes it a lot easier by showing you all the available options for the services you actually use.

When you first open up the app, it’ll scan your phone for streaming video apps (like Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Go, ABC, Fox, etc), and then build out a list of recommendations for stuff to watch based on the apps you have installed (you can always add in more services manually if you want).

Yahoo Video Guide combines all your streaming apps into one, iphone androidFrom there, you can search for movies and shows based on the featured tab, by genre, directly from the search bar, or by the awkward GIF-powered “Mood Picker.” You can also rule out paying for anything by filtering away rentals or buy options. The recommendations themselves are a bit generic and aren’t based on your viewing habits, but it essentially makes it so you can browse all the video options on every service at once, which is awesome when you’re in the mood for a particular genre.

Once you pick something to watch, tap the play button and it’ll automatically open in the video app it’s available on. This is a much better option than apps we’ve seen before and should make hunting for something to watch between multiple services a lot easier.

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Apps | BigOven – 250,000 recipes, your grocery list, menu plans & much more

The Big Oven app is a great demonstration of why recipe apps can be better than recipe books. It lists over 250,000 recipes, with a powerful search engine that offers many options for finding a recipe you’d like.

BigOven has a “leftovers” search trick, excellent for using up spare food in your refrigerator. And if you just want to be surprised by a new recipe, you can see recipes that Big Oven users nearby are cooking, or dive straight into a random one.

The app also comes with a suite of tools to make cooking a meal easier — like its virtual grocery list, based on your chosen recipes. If you’re a keen menu planner, then you may also love its calendar-based planning feature. The recipes are clearly arranged. The app looks just like a traditional glossy book — right down to its photos and clearly marked sections telling you how many people each recipe serves, its calorie content and its reviews.

But it is actually a huge searchable database of recipes that people have uploaded (you can use your device to upload one of your own).    Continue reading »

Apps | GasBuddy – finds best gas prices where ever you are

This superb free app, GasBuddy, finds the cheapest gas prices on the go or at locales you know. GB is my BFF and he wants to be yours too.

gasBuddy app finds least expensive gasWhen gas prices rise at a rapid rate, large price discrepancies in a region become more prevalent. Right now GasBuddy is showing that there’s over a 40 cent price differential within a couple of miles of me. Fill up a tank and that adds up.

This free app easily finds the lowest prices right where you happen to be, via gps. Or you can plan ahead to where you’re going to be by typing in a zip code. I’ve found it has about a 90% accuracy which ain’t half bad. Give my dear buddy a try and save a buck or ten. Best gas pricing app.

GasBuddy app finds cheap gas prices, best top 10 app

GasBuddy app finds cheap gas prices, best top 10 app