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Funny Dog Video | puppy’s funny attempts to join dad on treadmill

Puppy’s Many Funny & Brave Attempts To Join Dad

Awwww you gotta love this little puppy’s bravery and determination! He looks to be only 5 weeks old, but he so much wants to be close to his dad no matter where he is or what the heck he is doing. Sometimes you get to see little things which are absolutely inspiring–a small bird learning to fly, a baby learning to crawl, a puppy determined to get on a treadmill? And he will risk life and limb to do it. Get inspired & get laughs.



Podcasts | The Smartest Man in the World by Greg Proops

Greg Proops is certainly not the smartest man in the world, nor is he the funniest for that matter, but there is never a dull moment and he never fails to entertain.

The Smartest Man in the World podcast by Greg ProopsGreg Proops – By Crisman Richards

The Who’s Line is It Anyway? veteran and improv champ takes on a live audience every week, discussing current events, celebrity culture, and his personal life all on a whim. It’s bold, funny, and showcases Proops’ innate comedic knack that is only getting better with age.

Recent episode – Live from the Laugh Stop in Calgary, Greg speaks on snow, scandal and Sweet Caroline. Direct download: SM239.mp3 . Here’s a funny video too…

The Smartest Man in the World Proopcast – Live at The Bell House: Raspberry Galaxy

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Funny Dog Video | ultimate guilty dog compilation

Ultimate Guilty Dog Compilation

There are two kinds of guilty dogs. The ones who immediately go into submissive mode with a look that says, “go on, eat my belly, I deserve it, oh the embarrassment!”. Then there are the ones who avoid the issue at all costs! They’re thinking, “Well if I just don’t acknowledge this unfortunate situation, I’m sure it will magically disappear. Just don’t make eye contact! My fave is the last dog, who utilizes the super slo-mo, tip-toe out of the room routine.



Humor | 19 people who are having a way worse day than you – #4

19 people who are having a way worse day than you

#4 Anyone trying to be Captain America



Funny Dog & Cat Video | crazy cats stealing dog beds

Crazy Cats Stealing Dog Beds

This is my fave compilation on this silly subject. Some of these poor dogs will try to fling their beds, some bark hysterically & some get bummed out & give up. A few at the end just snuggle up with their feline. Now cats love cozying up in small spaces so it’s safe to assume that when a cat decides to sleep in the larger dog bed, it’s done purely to screw with the dog. And I say this as a cat lover–but cats can also be furry little jerks sometimes. Oh well…

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Apps | Facetune easily improves your look in mobile photos

The Facetune app lets users remove blemishes, diminish dark circles, smooth skin and create many effects that normally take considerable Photoshop training to master.

Apps-Facetune for iPhone, iPad, iPod improves mobile photos easily with pro-like tools,tFacetune by Roy Furchgott

One reason celebrities look so polished in photos is that there are Photoshop artists to smooth every wrinkle, minimize every pore and erase every blemish. The rest of us? We have to live with poorly lighted mobile phone selfies. An app called Facetune helps you look your Hollywood best, even in photos taken on mobile phones.

Facetune app how-to video

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Video | Comedians In Cars-Jerry Seinfeld’s funny web series

Jerry Seinfeld is back with “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”–an excellent and amusing web based series. Episodes follow a format of Seinfeld introducing a vintage car, picking up the guest comedian, and taking them out to have coffee. A simple and engaging concept.

Comedians-In-Cars-Getting-Coffee-Jerry-Seinfeld's-web-based-tv-comedy-series-Comedians-In-Cars-Getting-Coffee,-tLeave it to Jerry Seinfeld to create something fresh and funny about three things you don’t normally think of together. His Internet show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, is a well-deserved hit, and the second season features such luminaries as Sarah Silverman, David Letterman, and Don Rickles.

Each short episode is a lighthearted attempt to answer a serious question: what makes something funny?

The show is presented by Crackle.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee video teaser

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – Review So Far

by Michael Record

In the new season premiere, Seinfeld takes Sarah Silverman out for a ride in a Jaguar XKE convertible. Each comedian gets paired with a car that matches their persona. So Silverman gets a sleek and sexy Jaguar, while comedy legends Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner got a silver Rolls Royce for their episode last year. In an upcoming episode, Seinfeld and David Letterman cruise the streets of Connecticut in a Volvo station wagon suped-up with a new engine by the great Paul Newman.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is Jerry Seinfeld's web based tv series, Sarah Silverman episode

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – Sarah Silverman episode

So why is Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee so popular? I think it is because there is a difference between watching a stand-up comedy act and watching innately funny people be themselves. Sure, the former is a crafted experience designed to make you laugh your ass off, but the humour presented in a naturally witty conversation always has that extra something due to the spontaneity of it. Continue reading »

Funny Dog Video | crazy Husky joyfully playing in huge pile of leaves

Crazy Husky Joyfully Playing In Huge Pile Of Leaves

Since this Husky doesn’t have piles of snow to romp around in, he figures this huge pile of leaves is close enough. The Husky, Butch, gleefully buries himself in the pile & then gets into a romping frenzy of joy. This viral video is a perfect example of how dogs bring out our inner child & make us laugh. If you listen to Butch’s guardian laughing, you tell me if this isn’t great for stress relief. Just cut loose & have fun. Thanks for the laughs Butch!



Funny Dog Video | water antics of best friends–an elephant & dog

The Funny Water Antics Of Best Friends–An Elephant & Dog

This video’s got a ton of fun & warmth to enjoy. Well much more than a ton since Bubbles, the elephant, is over 9,000 pounds. She & her best friend Bella, a Lab, are inseperable friends & love splashing around their river together. Bubbles & Bella were both abandoned by their families & have now formed their own wonderfully weird family with their human. Bella’s favorite thing to do is diving off Bubbles gigantic head. I also posted a GMA video about them.



Good Morning America story about Bubbles & Bella

Funny Dog Video | best dancing dog of all time

Bestest Dancing Dog Ever

I can’t believe I never saw this amazing dog before. But her video has over 17 million views so this dancing phenom is getting her day in the spotlight. It’s obvious she loves doing this, the joy she shows twirling and prancing. Doesn’t look like some trained dogs just going through the motions. She has the biggest smile and just relishes her turn as the belle of the ball. This clip is over two minutes long and she’s dancing on two legs almost the whole time. Enjoy!

Funny animal video of dog dancing with a human, funny dog video for kids

Funny video of dog dancing with a human

Funny Dog & Cat Video | playing dead trick by dog, cat, dolphin, hamster

Playing Dead Tricks by Dog, Cat, Dolphin, Hamster

Wonderful funny, cute collection of animals doing the classic “bang you’re dead” trick. Hell I didn’t even know a hamster could do this trick. Or cats. My animal Oscar noms go to: German Shepard–does dramatic spins before he meets his maker; Cat #2–very believable method acting ; first hamster–they added a “bang”  sound & the little guy was so good, I thought it was real & got upset. Who would you nominate for an animal Oscar? Enjoy!



Video | Teaching rescue dogs to drive cars

Yes, some animal experts in New Zealand have taught three rescue dogs how to drive. Here are several videos proving they actually did it and the exciting tale of the tail.

Driving-dogs---video-still-in-car-steering-wheel-with-pawsBy Mark Prigg

Astonishingly, it took three rescue mutts just eight weeks to master the basics in wooden carts. Then they went to the real thing. This unusual project is the brainchild of SPCA Auckland CEO Christine Kalin and famous animal trainer Mark Vette from Animals on Q. The real purpose is to show people how smart dogs really are and make them more desirable for adoption.

Video of dog learning to drive a car

Ms. Kalin spoke about the difficulty in placing dogs from a shelter: “I think sometimes people think because they’re getting an animal that’s been abandoned that somehow it’s a second-class animal.

Driving a car actively demonstrates to potential rescue dog adopters that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

The dogs have achieved amazing things in eight short weeks of training, which really shows with the right environment just how much potential all dogs from the SPCA have as family pets.” Continue reading »

Funny Dog Video | dog made Rube Goldberg machine

Doggie made Rube Goldberg machine-funny & inventive video

Somebody help me–I can’t stop replaying this one! Inventive concept meets flawless production and stellar canine acting. This dog Rube Goldberg machine is entirely powered by dogs & their favorite toys. This video, which features more than a dozen dogs, likely required many, many takes. Ian Schafer, the creative director, didn’t recall how many exactly. “I’ll put it this way,” he said. “It wasn’t easy. It was a very long day.” Enjoy!


Funny Dog Video | silly puppies funny reactions to first citrus

Silly Puppies Funny Reactions To First Citrus Encounter

This one is pretty weird and funny. You know how awful it tastes when something is just a little too sour for your liking? Well, it seems like these dogs know just how you feel. Especially puppies. This video is an amazing mashup of dogs considering, licking and then FREAKING OUT over some seriously sour fruits. Although it can be cute to see your pooch pucker up, too much lemon can cause vomiting and diarrhea if ingested.

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Video | Dancing with my baby-me

A winning combo of a creative and cute concept with dancing babies. It is a cute fantasy of seeing yourself dancing with you as a baby looking back at you through a reflection. Hard to resist.

Funny-youtube-video-of-babies-dancing-with-their-adult-selves-titled-Dancing-With-My-Baby-Me-tA highly imaginative commercial video that shows people in the commercial being engaged in the action–drawing the viewer to be engaged as well. Evian had a series of Evian Baby commercials before Baby & Me included the Roller Babies the most viewed video ever to that day.

Funny Cat Video | hilarious cats argue & play patty-cake

Hilarious cats argue & play patty-cake

I thought this viral video was pretty funny with just the cat patty cake thing going on. But then the cats start talking and takes it to a new level. A couple of guys found the original clip and did a great job writing the dialogue and then performing it with impeccable comedic timing. My hat’s off to them for the fine effort and I think they deserve their 20 million views. Thanks guys.

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Funny Dog Video | puppy & baby love fest, hugging, kissing

Baby & Puppy Love Fest

 I’ve never seen a puppy so thoroughly enthralled with a baby. It is so utterly cute! Such hugging and kissing and fuzzy fun. If you need a quick stress reliever and awwwww moment, this is the  clip for you. This Golden Retriever puppy is only 2 months old and the baby girl is 8 months. I put a 2nd video up which shows the scene from another camera angle. Did you know growing up with a doggy playmate can prevent child asthma? Got kid? Get dog 🙂

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Funny Animal Videos-puppy & baby hugging, kissing & playing with each other

Funny Cat Video | baby and cat In snuggling nirvana

Baby And Cat In Snuggling Nirvana

This is the cutest baby and cat video I’ve ever seen! It’s almost too cute. These two are just enthralled with each other. Whenever you’re experiencing stress overload, a few seconds of this snug fest is the medicine that will instantly lower your blood pressure to bliss level. Enjoy.


Funny Dog Video | dog tries to get statue to play fetch

Dog trying to play fetch with statue

This is the epitome, the very definition of dogged determination! This pooch is totally convinced a statue of a man is actually alive and has to play fetch with him. Must play! The border collie barks and cries and bounds about with such enthusiasm, I was half expecting that statue to give up and toss the stick. It’s quite funny and shows how it’s darn hard to dampen the passion of a canine who desires to do something. Now!

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Humor | Video – Dancing with my baby me

Dancing With My Baby-Me

A winning combo of a creative and cute concept with dancing babies! Hard to resist. It is a cute fantasy of seeing yourself dancing with you as a baby looking back at you through a reflection.  A highly imaginative commercial video that shows people in the commercial being engaged in the action–drawing the viewer to be engaged as well. Evian had a series of Evian Baby commercials before Baby & Me included the Roller Babies the most viewed video ever to that day.