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Funny dog & cat video | yoga & pets = amusing, annoying, adorable

If yoga is about controlling the mind and body, there is no greater test than practicing with a dog or cat on the loose.

Funny-dog-and-cat-video-clip-shows-people-practicing-yoga-and-the-humorous,-annoying-things-their-cats,-dogs-do,-youtube - TThese Pets Interrupting Yoga Prove Annoying Can Be Adorable

As Danielle Cuccio, a yoga instructor and owner of two pugs tells us, “They think it’s playtime or that it’s some kind of game. They think, ‘Mommy is on our level. Let’s get her!’ They actually challenge me to stay balanced in a pose so I think it makes me stronger.” Watch this funny video compilation and see why every yogi should own a pet for the ultimate yoga challenge of all.

By Sam Wilkes – Huffington Post

Funny video compilation of dogs & cats interrupting yoga




Funny Dog Video | bulldog befriends police horse

Small Bulldog Befriends Big Police Horse

This little French bulldog spots a huge police horse in New York City and decides they should become best buds. Why not? The bulldog approaches, starts doing some playful dancing and prancing to win him over, and eventually the horse can’t resist the fur ball. The big beast lowers his head, nuzzles and kisses the little guy to the bulldog’s extreme delight. Hard to get cuter than this!




A very funny dog youtube video which may be one of the funniest animal videos I’ve seen. This should be in a top ten list of funny dog videos IMHO.

Funny Dog Video | what’s the magic word that freezes these nutty mutts?

What’s The Magic Word That Freezes These Nutty Mutts?

Here’s a funny one that epitomizes a dog’s nature wonderfully. When a canine is focused on an activity and having big fun, they’re thinking–‘why the heck should we stop? No way!’ So these two are on a sofa, wildly playing and chewing on each other, oblivious to repeated commands from their human to stop. Nothing will stop these beasts. Except for the magic word. Can you guess what it is? Huh?


Funny-youtube-video clips-of-dogs-wildly-playing-who-wont-stop-until-they-hear-the-magic-word

Funny Dog Video | Jumpy – amazing, crazy, leaping, flying dog

Jumpy – The Amazing Crazy Leaping Flying dog

This dog has so much spring and crazy energy he literally bounces off walls! He leaps off stuff and flies over 20 feet in the air! He’s also got a great sense of comic timing and loves what he does. For these reasons and more I put him in my Top Ten canines of all time. The pooch’s name is Jumpy, aptly enough, and his top human is Omar Muller. This video shows what results when a crazy, up for anything dog meets up with a human with the same nutty, fun energy. Enjoy!



Funny Dog Video | top ten bath hating dogs

I Don’t Wanna Take A Bath!!!

Yep, these must be the top ten bath hating dogs of all time. A funny compilation of wacky dog behavior performed when the canines are trying to avoid a bath at all costs. Some sweet litlle dogs turn into ferocious killers. A bulldog does his chaotic, goofy “no bath” dance. A Chihauhau runs, dives and slides right under a sofa. There’s a lot of great dog acting here and you can imagine their furry brains thinking–“oh the horror–I’m gonna die–there are sharks in there!”



Funny Dog & Cat Video – dog beach party with swimming cat

Dog Beach Party With Swimming Cat

I can see why this video went from zero to over 4 million views within a week–it’s fun, fun fun, gots lots of happy dogs, killer song and done up in a high quality production. And the bonus of also having a crazy cat who happily goes swimming in the ocean with the canine party animals. The happy dogs are having a great time with their day at the beach, frolicking and digging in the sand and splashing crazily in the surf. The swimming cat goes by the name of Didga and I hear he evens surfs in another video. This video is perfectly synched to the Pharrell Williams hit song Happy and watching these canines having such a good time will make you happy too.



Funny Dog Video | puppy’s funny attempts to join dad on treadmill

Puppy’s Many Funny & Brave Attempts To Join Dad

Awwww you gotta love this little puppy’s bravery and determination! He looks to be only 5 weeks old, but he so much wants to be close to his dad no matter where he is or what the heck he is doing. Sometimes you get to see little things which are absolutely inspiring–a small bird learning to fly, a baby learning to crawl, a puppy determined to get on a treadmill? And he will risk life and limb to do it. Get inspired & get laughs.



Funny Dog & Cat Video | crazy cats stealing dog beds

Crazy Cats Stealing Dog Beds

This is my fave compilation on this silly subject. Some of these poor dogs will try to fling their beds, some bark hysterically & some get bummed out & give up. A few at the end just snuggle up with their feline. Now cats love cozying up in small spaces so it’s safe to assume that when a cat decides to sleep in the larger dog bed, it’s done purely to screw with the dog. And I say this as a cat lover–but cats can also be furry little jerks sometimes. Oh well…

more funny dog & cat videos here



Video | Animal Odd Couples – touching friendships between species

These skillfully shot videos reveal fascinating, touching and quite unlikely cross-species friendships in the animal kingdom.

Despite the odds, there are countless stories of the most unlikely cross-species relationships imaginable: a goat guiding a blind horse; a doe who regularly visits her Great Dane surrogate mother; a juvenile gibbon choosing to live with a family of capuchins, and so on. Instincts gone awry?

Funny dog video playing with cougar-of-animal-odd-couples-demonstrating-cross-species-relationships-showing-cougar-with-dog-t

Funny dog video of Labrador playing with cougar-showing-animal-odd-couples friendship

The subject has mystified scientists for years. Now, NATURE investigates why animals form these special bonds. Informed by the observations of caregivers and noted scientists Temple

Grandin and Marc Bekoff, the film explores what these relationships suggest about the nature of animal emotions. The full videos are at the NATURE site.  Funny dog video of Labrador playing with cougar-showing-animal-odd-couples frinedship

Video of Animal Odd Couples –  fawn & dog

After being abandoned by her mother, a baby fawn, Pippin, was adopted by a Great Dane, Kate, and they have been best friends ever since. Kate’s owner Isobel Springett describes the uniqueness of their relationship: “When they greet each other, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s not a deer greeting a deer. It’s not a dog greeting a dog. It’s definitely something that they have between the two of them.”

Video of Animal Odd Couples – goose & tortoise

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Apps | Fido Factor – fetches dog-friendly locations where ever you roam

(Special post written by my dog Enzo) Think us dogs wanna be left behind while you go have fun? Well we don’t! Not never! So fetch the Fido Factor app and it’ll tell you where you can go with your canine, where ever you happen to go.

This app sniffs out pooch-friendly bars, restaurants, hotels, parks, stores, beaches, transportation, and lots of pet services. Yep, this mighty fine Fido Factor, a free app, digs up and fetches a big user-generated list of dog-friendly locations.

Simply get your opposable thumbs tapping, search for a location type (i.e. restaurant) and you’ll find a list of locales which welcome canines, along with ratings, reviews, photos, and a filled-in Google map.

dogs sitting on bench

Enzo with his girlfriend – photo ©GregoryMancuso

It’s a lot like Yelp, but for dog lovers. And we know dog lovers are the best lovers : )

Fido Factor smart phone app screen shots

click to enlarge screenshots

You can browse around by category, name, or do a proximity search for cool canine hotspots right around you.

Recently I was a hound outta town, exploring the Bay Area. So I find myself prancing around San Fran and Greg, my personal valet, (he hates when I call him that, but that’s what he is) wanted a beer.

So I told him to take out Fido Factor and find a bar that has the good taste to allow canines in to have a taste too.

This is what we got…    Continue reading »