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Apps | 10 you need to assist your workday productivity

These 10 apps perform both simple tasks, such as managing your to-do list, and complex ones, such as allowing you remote access to your computer.

LogMeIn features mobile apps , allow you to access your computer's desktop through your smartphoneIf you’re looking to boost your workday productivity, that smartphone in your pocket can help. The mobile app revolution has produced hundreds of apps to help ease the stress of everyday life. The 10 apps here will get the work done.  by Fran Berkman


1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a free app that will help you manage your daily tasks. It acts as a digital to-do list. The app is not just for lists, but also setting reminders, making notes and sharing events. It is cloud-based, so your data easily syncs across all of your devices.1 Wunderlist is a free app that will help you manage your daily tasks. Continue reading »

Apps | BigOven – 250,000 recipes, your grocery list, menu plans & much more

The Big Oven app is a great demonstration of why recipe apps can be better than recipe books. It lists over 250,000 recipes, with a powerful search engine that offers many options for finding a recipe you’d like.

BigOven has a “leftovers” search trick, excellent for using up spare food in your refrigerator. And if you just want to be surprised by a new recipe, you can see recipes that Big Oven users nearby are cooking, or dive straight into a random one.

The app also comes with a suite of tools to make cooking a meal easier — like its virtual grocery list, based on your chosen recipes. If you’re a keen menu planner, then you may also love its calendar-based planning feature. The recipes are clearly arranged. The app looks just like a traditional glossy book — right down to its photos and clearly marked sections telling you how many people each recipe serves, its calorie content and its reviews.

But it is actually a huge searchable database of recipes that people have uploaded (you can use your device to upload one of your own).    Continue reading »

Apps | RedLaser – compares product prices online or in stores

I’ve found RedLaser is the best app for comparing product prices. It also delivers food nutrition and allergen info, finds library books and more.

RedLaser-pricing-check-app,-thumbRedLaser uses your smart phone’s camera to scan the barcode of products that you might buy. It then hits the Internet to pull down a list of prices so you can see if you’re getting a good deal. Better price online?

Then, with a few taps, RedLaser lets you jump to a merchant’s online site to close the deal or e-mail yourself the details if you prefer to do your online shopping from a desktop.

RedLaser is the best app for comparing product prices & it delivers food nutrition, allergen info, finds library books

RedLaser is the best app for comparing product prices & it delivers food nutrition, allergen info, finds library books

RedLaser app how-to video

.    Continue reading »

Apps | Dragon – Fire up texting, emails, tweets without typing

I like texting except for the typing. So my pet Dragon swallows my voice and spits out hot text–for text messages, emails, Twitter, Facebook updates, notes and whatevers. Dragon Dictation is a free bird too.

Apps Dragon dictationYep, I like texting except for the typing part and this wonderful app beast, DRAGON DICTATION, helps me out. You talk to Dragon and he swallows your voice and fires out text. Press one of his belly buttons and your words fly off as a text message, email, Twitter and Facebook updates, and notes of any kind.

It’s quite easy to use and surprisingly accurate without any training–good Dragon, good boy.

Apps - Dragon dictation screen shotsThis app comes in quite handy when I want to text out while simultaneously juggling tasks like walking the dog, riding a bike, corraling a kid, cooking, or shooting a shoot. Here are some smoking screen shots, videos and details showing how the beast roars.

Dragon app how-to video

Stay connected, even when you are Hands-Busy. Dragon Dictation an easy-to-use voice recognition application that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text content for everything from email messages to blog posts. In fact, it’s up to five times faster than typing on the keyboard.    Continue reading »