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Video | man helps poor community with fresh food

Richard Joyner has led his rural community of Conetoe, N.C., to better health by helping students grow and distribute 50,000 pounds of fresh food a year.




Video | young teen heroes save bus driver and passengers

When a school bus driver had a heart attack and the vehicle careened out of control, a couple of middle school students heroically saved the day.

Incredible-acts-of-heroism-by-ordinary-people---teens-save-bus-driver-&-passengersIt was a normal day for middle school students in the small town of Milton, Washington as they rode the school bus, until their driver suddenly lost consciousness and started flailing uncontrollably. Suffering from a heart attack, driver Ryan Callis let go of the steering wheel, and the bus careened out of control. Almost immediately, 13-year-old Jeremy Wuitschick ran to the front of the bus, grabbed the wheel, and steered to the side of the road, while taking the keys out of the ignition. Fellow seventh grader Johnny Wood, who had recently learned CPR, ran to the incapacitated driver and began chest compressions, while another student called 911.



Video | mystery hero saves man from home fire

When an elderly man is trapped in a burning inferno, a stranger happens along, bravely rescues the man and then disappears.

Incredible-acts-of-heroism-by-ordinary-people---stranger-saves-man-trapped-in-home-fireIt was a lazy Saturday morning when fire erupted from a duplex in a small neighborhood in Fresno, California. Robert Wells, 73 years old, who was hooked up to an oxygen tank, could not get himself out.  He had difficulty breathing and walking by himself and was desperately trapped. The people who crowded around the scene were in a state of panic and didn’t know what to do, especially after a propane tank explosion accelerated the fire that continued to ravage the home. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a man braved the fire and pulled Wells out to safety, carrying him on his shoulders.

Then just as quickly as he entered the scene, the man disappeared; and the neighborhood couldn’t find him for days after the incident despite his heroic act being recorded.

Video of mystery hero saving man

Jimmy Kimmel Surprises Hero Who Saved Man

Video | a hero saves a stranger’s life in NY subway

When someone had a seizure on a NY subway platform and fell on the tracks, a brave man sprang into action and saved him.

Incredible-acts-of-heroism-by-ordinary-people---saving-person-from-subway-train-deathWesley Autrey, now dubbed the “Subway Superman,” was waiting on the platform with his two little girls when he noticed a man suffering from a seizure, causing him to fall onto the tracks. Knowing there wouldn’t be time for the train to stop, Autrey jumped on top of the man, praying he could keep him from flailing long enough to allow the train to pass on over them both—a clearance of 21inches high. Wesley and the man topped out at 20.5 inches.

Video of Subway Superman

Video of Wesley Autrey on Letterman

Video | aliens among us–beautiful deep sea creatures

Mysterious and stunning alien life is indeed with us on Earth today, and they’re hanging out in the darkest depths of our oceans.

The term deep sea creature refers to organisms that live below the photic zone of the oceanThe term deep sea creature refers to organisms that live below the photic zone of the ocean. These creatures must survive in extremely harsh conditions, such as hundreds of bars of pressure, small amounts of oxygen, very little food, no sunlight, and constant, extreme cold.

These creatures live in very harsh environments, such as the abyssal or hadal zones, which, being thousands of meters below the surface, are almost completely devoid of light. The water is between 3 and 10 degrees Celsius and has low oxygen levels. Due to the depth, the pressure is between 20 and 1,000 bars. Creatures that live hundreds or even thousands of meters deep in the ocean have adapted to the high pressure, lack of light, and other factors.

Video of deep sea creatures

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Business Hacks | win-win biz, helping the environment and humans in need

Flowers at weddings are beautiful—but their beauty doesn’t have to end there. People donate to Repeat Roses, who picks up the flowers, re-purposes them, and drops them off at hospices, hospitals and nursing homes, where they conjure needed smiles on patients’ faces.

Business Hacks - win-win business, helping humans in need and the environment TAnd then Repeat Roses takes it one step further–a week later, they pick up the flowers and compost them, saving them from the garbage.


Spread smiles to those in need. On your behalf, we deliver beautifully refreshed flower bouquets and arrangements to residents and patients in hospitals, cancer treatment centers, nursing homes, hospice care and shelter facilities.

Together, we can bring kindness and make a positive impact in communities across the country. From our headquarters in New York City to Los Angeles, California and all points in between. Continue reading »

Photography | My Venice Neighborhood Project

My new year’s resolution was to create more images of a non-commercial, personal nature. Shooting whatever I see while walking my dog Nunzi around our Venice neighborhood. Seems I’m actually doing it and enjoying it and here’s what I’ve shot so far.



Venice Beach CA shot from under pier looking at sunset, ocean surf, and children playing in water shot by a Los Angeles corporate photographer

Gazing out from under the pier, enjoying two kids playing tag with the surf.





The Arts | The most creative & witty sculptures from around the globe

The most creative and witty sculptures from around the globe - Bliss Project by Marco Cochrane, TFrom kinetic sculpture to light sculpture to classic marble statues, these works of art are some of the most creative and witty pieces I’ve ever seen. A nice sampling from all over the world.



Stainless steel kinetic sculpture by Anthony Howe USA


The most creative and witty sculptures from around the globe - kinetic sculpture by Anthony Howe

The most creative and witty sculptures from around the globe – kinetic sculpture by Anthony Howe


Apps | TED’s best apps to make your everyday life easier

You’ve likely heard about those smarties at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design).  I’ve enjoyed their fine podcasts for years and now their staff has come up with the 25 best apps to help make your everyday life easier.

TED's best apps to make your everyday life easier - VSCO Cam appI’ve been using a few of the selections here and have indeed found them quite useful. The app selections cover four categories: For random life stuff, For getting around, For staying organized, For computer and email ease.



Apps to make your everyday life easier – by TED staff

At our small, fast-moving nonprofit company, everyone does a couple of jobs — and productivity apps help us manage roles that shift between coding, writing/designing and running a full-scale conference twice a year. We asked the TED staff what apps they can’t live without. And beyond the classics—Instagram, Google Maps, Spotify, Uber, Seamless—we found some great apps that might help you too.

Waze GPS, Traffic Navigation, Map – video tour

For getting around…

CityMaps2Go Pro
This app downloads offline, zoomable, searchable maps of major cities, so that even if you are roaming around Tokyo and can’t read any of the signs, you can still find your way around. “It’s good for people like me who travel internationally but don’t like to get data plans,” says Thu-Huong Ha, of our editorial team.

TED's best apps to make your everyday life easier - Couch to 5k app

TED’s best apps to make your everyday life easier – Couch to 5k app

Word Lens
Another great app for travelers, Word Lens visually translates printed text into your language in real time. When you snap a photo of a sign or document, it shows the image to you in English. “It’s crazy,” says Kyle Shearer of our Events Workgroup. “The translations are not always 100%, but it’s good enough to get by on.” Hello, food menus. Continue reading »

Websites | top 10 inspirational websites

From time to time we can find ourselves out of gas, in a rut or even knocked to the ground, and can use a little inspiration to get going again. These sites could lend a hand.

Top ten inspirational websites to help you improve mind, body, spirit and even business to new heights - waves at sunset T Top 10 Inspirational Websites

by Rhonda Hale Warren

Sometimes I get blown away with the awesomeness of the regular things in life. The other day I was in the shower (best place to meditate) and was thinking about the Internet. 

I rarely think about the Internet in deep ways, yet I use it more in a day that another other object besides my own body. It is SO vast, full of information, and such a great resource for connecting us to others across the globe. I’m thankful for the Internet and its infinite possibilities. 

And I’m thankful for the dynamic people whom fill the webisphere with their knowledge, creativity, and inspirational words to help us live a little better each day. I get asked all of the time what websites I go to for inspiration and so I’ve decided to roundup my top 10 fave sites for you (in no particular order).


photo © Gregory Mancuso Top-ten-inspirational-websites-to-help-you-improve-mind,-body,-spirit-and-even-business-to-new-heights—waves-at-sunset

Elephant Journal
The Journal’s tagline, “dedicated to a mindful life” is spot on. I am a huge fan of any info-hub that brings together multiple sectors of life. EJ is a brilliant resource for wellness, spiritual, and creative inspiration. They publish tons of articles everyday, so there is always new inspiration waiting for you. And the layout just makes me smile quite a bit.  Article continued here Continue reading »

Websites | StillTasty – ultimate food life and scrumptiousness guide

Left pizza out overnight? Know how to defrost a whole fish? And what of the age-old question: are those eggs ok 2 weeks past the use-by date? Get the answers to a plethora of questions about how long foods last and the best way to store them for max tastiness at StillTasty.com.

Website StillTasty.com is the ultimate online guide and resource for food shelf life, food storage, handling, and best prep of cooked food - categories TThere I was, very late at night with a unwavering craving for an omelet. But the use-by date on my big Costco carton of eggs, which I can rarely finish off, said I was supposed to use those eggs a couple of weeks ago. Crap. I’m not going to a store this late, not calling Mom, don’t want to risk food poisoning, but damn it, I demand a western omelet! So I stumbled to the computer and stumbled upon StillTasty.com. And thus was egg enlightenment showered upon me. And the omelet craving deliciously vanquished.

StillTasty.com ultimate food life guide video

Eat the chicken before the egg?

Yep, a few minutes spent on StillTasty could rescue you during a “keep or toss?” moment in front of the refrigerator. The “ultimate shelf life guide,” created by a Canadian mother-daughter duo who both have experience in consumer affairs, includes a database of food storage times based on official recommendations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, among other government agencies.

Website StillTasty.com is the ultimate online guide and resource for food shelf life, food storage, handling, and best prep of cooked food - expiration dates

StillTasty.com is the ultimate online guide and resource for food shelf life

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Podcasts | Hang Up and Listen-Slate’s weekly sports discussion

Hang Up and Listen is a weekly sports discussion from the online magazine Slate. It features Slate sports editor Josh Levin, writer Stefan Fatsis (author of A Few Seconds of Panic), and NPR sports reporter Mike Pesca.

Podcasts-Slate magazine's Hang Up And Listen excellent weekly sports discussion podcastHang Up and Listen isn’t a “scream and debate till the hosts are red in the face” PTI-style yap fest type of podcast. Anchored by Slate’s sports editor Josh Levin, writer Stefan Fatsis, and NPR’s Mike Pesca, these three are smart, thorough, and highly analytical. They can be pedantic at times-some of their segments are as dense as a dissertation—but it’s better to be critical and informative than beer-bellied, redundant, Bayless-like, and dependent on the adjectives “good” and “great.”

Instead of putting in a review by me (I listen every week) or a professional smarty-pants reviewer, I’ll just paste some insights from mere average humans for your edification. Then check it out for your own selves.

Hang Up and Listen Podcast Reviews

Increase Your IQ..just tune in.

by frommaui66 on Oct 17, 2013

Rating: ★★★★★

This has got to be the wittiest, consistently wry and most intelligent sports podcast…EVER! Listening to the guys making hilariously arcane observations about sports and related events around the world is like getting a Masters Degree in Smart and Funny Sportstalk. This show is one of the few podcasts I listen to regularly. Continue reading »

Apps | Top 10 traveling apps help you save money

Here are excellent apps to assist you in traveling around the world without busting your budget.

Apps---top-ten-traveling-appsThanks to mobile technology, planning a trip is easier than ever. From booking hotels to buying plane tickets, scouting restaurants to figuring out where to go. Our top 10 apps help you explore the world without breaking the bank.

10 Money Saving Apps for Travelers

With the rise in the number of travel apps in Google Play and App Store, first time, and frequent travelers are provided with convenient ways to plan their upcoming vacation. Some of these applications are not only time savers but also efficient tools for cutting your trip’s cost. If you’re searching for money saving apps you can use on your next trip, here are ten of them that we highly recommend.


Top ten apps for traveling and saving money on the trip


Instead of carrying printouts of your itinerary, TripIt Travel Organizer provides you a virtual solution to bring these important documents on your mobile device. One of Verizon’s suggested vacation apps, it collates thousands of information about travel related companies like airlines, car rentals, hotels, restaurants that they include in their extensive list. Continue reading »

Video | Further Up Yonder – exquisite timelapse space photography

Italian student filmmaker Giacomo Sardelli used thousands of photographs taken by astronauts in space and made an exquisite time-lapse video called Further Up Yonder.

Further-Up-Yonder-is-a-video-of-exquisite-timelapse-space-images-from-ISSThere have been a lot of these kinds of videos, but Sardelli wanted to do more, to tell a story. I won’t steal his thunder; you can read an excerpt about it below and on his blog. It’s a fun idea.

One thing he did that I appreciate is take care to sync the timing of the video with the music. There’s an added kick when the scene changes in time with the music; it ties together the two senses of sight and sound and adds depth to the experience.

On Earth, everyone is in their own tiny bubble. We are all just trying to survive while it seems the rest of the world is only inching closer towards war, famine, and despair. But, right now, at this very moment, there are a group of humanoids from a slew of different nations and cultures all living together in a tiny metal box, called the International Space Station. Exploring the edge of our world. To inspire more peace and partnership, Giacomo Sardelli published this powerful video, titled Further Up Yonder, with messages from the ISS to help brighten the world back on Earth.    Continue reading »

Apps | BigOven – 250,000 recipes, your grocery list, menu plans & much more

The Big Oven app is a great demonstration of why recipe apps can be better than recipe books. It lists over 250,000 recipes, with a powerful search engine that offers many options for finding a recipe you’d like.

BigOven has a “leftovers” search trick, excellent for using up spare food in your refrigerator. And if you just want to be surprised by a new recipe, you can see recipes that Big Oven users nearby are cooking, or dive straight into a random one.

The app also comes with a suite of tools to make cooking a meal easier — like its virtual grocery list, based on your chosen recipes. If you’re a keen menu planner, then you may also love its calendar-based planning feature. The recipes are clearly arranged. The app looks just like a traditional glossy book — right down to its photos and clearly marked sections telling you how many people each recipe serves, its calorie content and its reviews.

But it is actually a huge searchable database of recipes that people have uploaded (you can use your device to upload one of your own).    Continue reading »

Apps | Locates lost or stolen smartphone – Plan B, Find My iPhone

When your dear smartphone is lost, Plan B, Find My iPhone and other apps can reunite you. They find iPhones & Androids so check them out now before it’s too late!

By David Pogue

Last week, I lost my iPhone on a train. I used Apple’s Find My iPhone feature to track it to a house in suburban Maryland, and the local police were able to return it to me. Because I’d tweeted about these developments, the quest for the phone became, much to my surprise, an Internet-wide, minute-by-minute real-life thriller.

Plan B video demonstrates its use

Several readers wrote to ask how to set up their own phones to be findable. As you’d guess, given last week’s experience, I have some strong feelings about the importance of setting up Find My iPhone or the equivalent on Android phones.    Continue reading »

Apps | Parker-finds parking spaces, can pay & reserve spots

Tired of driving in circles? Have a meeting downtown and can’t find parking? Want to reserve a spot ahead before heading out to your favorite restaurant? Wish you could pay for parking with your phone? Now you can with the Parker app.

Parker app finds and pays for parking spacesWant your navigation system to give directions, traffic, and show you where to park? Now, you can! With Parker, you can find everything you wanted to know about where to park all in one place. Just start up Parker via your smartphone, tablet, the web, and in-car navigation system, and Parker will help you:


Video tutorial on the use of the Parker app

  • Find a place to park on-street and off-street with real-time and static information
  • Voice guidance – let’s you know where parking is nearby
  • Search by points of interest or address    Continue reading »

Video | why spiders don’t stick to their web

Video shows why spiders don’t stick to their web

Video shows why spiders don’t stick to their web

William Eberhard, of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and colleague Daniel Briceno film spiders in the lab, in the field and under a dissecting microscope to untangle this longstanding arachnological mystery.

The age-old mystery is finally solved. The secret to not getting stuck? Watch.

Video – why spiders don’t stick to their web

Video comes from those smart geeks at Science Friday.

Video | Earth – a look at the fascinating way science and art combine to create images of our home sweet home

There’s artistry to creating the world and Rob Simmon, art director of NASA Earth Observatory, shows us how.

Video---Earth-thumbNASA’s collection of Earth-from-space imagery dates back to the Apollo 8 mission, when astronauts snapped a picture of Earth rising over the moon. Simmon and NASA scientist Gene Feldman explain how the modern “Blue Marble” images are made and how they relate to scientific study of the Earth. Video comes from those smart geeks at Science Friday.

Apps | GasBuddy – finds best gas prices where ever you are

This superb free app, GasBuddy, finds the cheapest gas prices on the go or at locales you know. GB is my BFF and he wants to be yours too.

gasBuddy app finds least expensive gasWhen gas prices rise at a rapid rate, large price discrepancies in a region become more prevalent. Right now GasBuddy is showing that there’s over a 40 cent price differential within a couple of miles of me. Fill up a tank and that adds up.

This free app easily finds the lowest prices right where you happen to be, via gps. Or you can plan ahead to where you’re going to be by typing in a zip code. I’ve found it has about a 90% accuracy which ain’t half bad. Give my dear buddy a try and save a buck or ten. Best gas pricing app.

GasBuddy app finds cheap gas prices, best top 10 app

GasBuddy app finds cheap gas prices, best top 10 app