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Apps | Top 10 traveling apps help you save money

Here are excellent apps to assist you in traveling around the world without busting your budget.

Apps---top-ten-traveling-appsThanks to mobile technology, planning a trip is easier than ever. From booking hotels to buying plane tickets, scouting restaurants to figuring out where to go. Our top 10 apps help you explore the world without breaking the bank.

10 Money Saving Apps for Travelers

With the rise in the number of travel apps in Google Play and App Store, first time, and frequent travelers are provided with convenient ways to plan their upcoming vacation. Some of these applications are not only time savers but also efficient tools for cutting your trip’s cost. If you’re searching for money saving apps you can use on your next trip, here are ten of them that we highly recommend.


Top ten apps for traveling and saving money on the trip


Instead of carrying printouts of your itinerary, TripIt Travel Organizer provides you a virtual solution to bring these important documents on your mobile device. One of Verizon’s suggested vacation apps, it collates thousands of information about travel related companies like airlines, car rentals, hotels, restaurants that they include in their extensive list. Continue reading »