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Dumb Diggin Contest

So me and Nunzi were just strolling along the shore yesterday, minding our own business, when we spied this kid merrily playing and digging in the sand. Nunzi couldn’t resist making a new friend, and he pranced over, laid down beside him and dropped his ball in front of him. Hoping to get a toss or two.

The boy complied, and after a few fetches, I told this fine youngster that this dog was a pretty decent digger of sand as well. The boy scoffed and said he could dig way way better than any dumb dog. I looked at Nunz. He looked at me. I swear I could hear the mutt mutter a snicker, and I do believe I spied a smirk.

I told the kid that he should show off his excavating skills, and this doggie would do the same, and then whoever had the biggest hole after two minutes would be declared the digging champion. Yeah, I can get quite silly when I’m around little kids. Or dogs. But if you put them together, well I can reach new heights of silly–as you can see and hear in this video.

Although it was obvious what the outcome would be after 18 seconds of blurry paws churning, the lad bravely gave it his best, and a fun and very goofy time was had by all. Dig it?


A funny video of a dog and a boy who have a silly digging contest on a beach in Los Angeles

A funny dog and a boy have a silly digging contest