Portraits – Headshots

Los Angeles photographer Gregory Mancuso is an award-winning portrait photographer based in Los Angeles with over 20 years experience. Gregory is an excellent and affordable executive portrait and corporate headshot photographer who creates captivating images in the LA area.

This Los Angeles photographer specializes in business and lifestyle photography and shoots environmental portraits that reveal the natural warmth and personality of his subjects within impeccably designed compositions.This photographer in Los Angeles has worked for many of our finest magazines, agencies and companies. Using sensitivity, respect and heaping helpings of humor, Gregory is able to relax and gain the trust of his subjects, capturing their inner personality and essence within exceptional photos.

Whether they’re Los Angeles celebrities or nobodies, he has a knack for making those involved in the shoot, willing co-conspirators of the creative process, resulting in everyone contributing to the pleasant task of making striking imagery. This portrait photographer is reliable and hard working and also shoots magazine photography in Los Angeles.

Gregory is an excellent Los Angeles photographer for corporate, portrait, headshot photography.

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