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Architecture | “Building Of The Year” awards – showcasing inspiring innovation

From a pool of over 3,000 buildings designed and created in the past year, the folks at Arch Daily reveal the stunning winners.

Building Of The Year awards-Sancaklar MosqueThere are 14 categories which range from houses and housing to educational and healthcare architecture. The competing designs hail from locales as diverse as Chile, Vietnam, Italy, China, Poland and Burundi, imagined by familiar firms like Shigeru Ban Architects, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Kengo Kuma & Associates and Grimshaw Architects. Whether it’s an iceberg-inspired apartment complex in Denmark or a region’s first library, the stunning creations represent the most boundary-pushing, awe-inspiring buildings popping up all over the world.

Sancaklar Mosque / Emre Arolat Architects :Sancaklar Mosque located in Buyukçekmece, a suburban neighborhood in the outskirts of Istanbul, aims to address the fundamental issues of designing a mosque by distancing itself from the current architectural discussions based on form and focusing solely on the essence of religious space. (more…)

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Websites | top 10 inspirational websites

From time to time we can find ourselves out of gas, in a rut or even knocked to the ground, and can use a little inspiration to get going again. These sites could lend a hand.

Top ten inspirational websites to help you improve mind, body, spirit and even business to new heights - waves at sunset T Top 10 Inspirational Websites

by Rhonda Hale Warren

Sometimes I get blown away with the awesomeness of the regular things in life. The other day I was in the shower (best place to meditate) and was thinking about the Internet. 

I rarely think about the Internet in deep ways, yet I use it more in a day that another other object besides my own body. It is SO vast, full of information, and such a great resource for connecting us to others across the globe. I’m thankful for the Internet and its infinite possibilities. 

And I’m thankful for the dynamic people whom fill the webisphere with their knowledge, creativity, and inspirational words to help us live a little better each day. I get asked all of the time what websites I go to for inspiration and so I’ve decided to roundup my top 10 fave sites for you (in no particular order).

photo © Gregory Mancuso Top-ten-inspirational-websites-to-help-you-improve-mind,-body,-spirit-and-even-business-to-new-heights—waves-at-sunset

Elephant Journal
The Journal’s tagline, “dedicated to a mindful life” is spot on. I am a huge fan of any info-hub that brings together multiple sectors of life. EJ is a brilliant resource for wellness, spiritual, and creative inspiration. They publish tons of articles everyday, so there is always new inspiration waiting for you. And the layout just makes me smile quite a bit.  Article continued here (more…)

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Websites | wikiHow – learn how to do anything easily

wikiHow is a collaborative effort by knowledge philanthropists who have created the world’s most helpful how-to guides. A goldmine of easily understood articles and videos for free.

review of wikiHow website--a wiki of the world's most helpful how-to guides & useful tips, logoI stumbled onto this site because I had a craving for a baked potato but didn’t have the time to make it. I had always baked my baked potatoes but never used the quicker microwave method. I googled my dilemma and wikHow appeared.

A quick, concise article and five video clips showed me how to be an expert at nuking the spuds in a flash. And it tasted quite delicious–rubbing olive oil into the skin was a stupendous suggestion. While I ate, I went back to the site and marveled at the treasure trove of how-to guides contained there. I highly recommend checking out wikiHow and I’ll let the knowledge philanthropists tell ya all about the place…

review of wikiHow website--a wiki of the world's most helpful how-to guides & useful tips, 2
wikiHow website–a wiki of the world’s most helpful how-to guides & useful tips

Imagine a world where anyone can easily learn how to do anything. A world where access to comprehensive step-by-step instructions in multiple languages enables billions of people to improve their lives, in both ordinary and extraordinary ways. That’s the world we want to create.

At wikiHow, a community of knowledge philanthropists  are collaborating to create this world. We are driven by a shared passion to create a high-quality collection of how-to guides. We keep improving each article until we think it has become the single most helpful set of step-by-step instructions available on that topic anywhere.

While we recognize that this ambitious goal will take years to accomplish, we take pleasure in knowing that we already help millions of people every day. (more…)

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Websites | What’s Alan Watching – best site for insightful TV commentary

Websites | "What's Alan Watching" - Sepinwall’s site is a great place to go for thought provoking and insightful TV commentary. When I want to know what’s worth watching, I always go to "What's Alan Watching". And whenever I’m confused by something I’ve already seen, my TV pal can always be counted on to fine tune my mind’s screen.

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Websites | Funny or Die – The Presidential Reunion is a video featuring Will Ferrell

Video | Funny or Die's Presidential Reunion - featuring Will Ferrell, Chevy Chase, Ron Howard, Jim Carrey, Fred Armisen. This amusing video features Will Ferrell, Chevy Chase, Ron Howard, Jim Carrey, Fred Armisen, Darrell Hammond, Dan Aykroyd, Maya Rudolph and Dana Carvey.

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