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AllMyFaves is indeed the ultimate home page, offering an innovative visual exploration of the Internet.

AllMyFaves online web directoryI’ve been using All My Faves for years and have found it a fine resource–a visual table of contents of the online world.

Whenever I’m stuck or looking for new places to explore, I head over to this directory that contains countless visual links (icons) to popular sites within dozens of categories. It’s also customizable.

Check out their features and info…


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All My Faves online guide directory is one of the top 10 websites to help you online
All My Faves online guide directory is one of the top 10 websites to help you online

Why search?

We like to keep it simple. Why search? is the essence of AllMyFaves’ philosophy. We believe the Internet should be an inspiring, easy and free experience for everyone. We, too, think that there must be an appealing and simple alternative to traditional Internet navigation.

That is why we have taken up the task of simplification so that end-users could find what they’re looking for quickly, whether they are interested in Entertainment, Games, Kids, Shopping, Travel or anything else. With AllMyFaves, users can smoothly cruise on the vast Internet highway without wasting valuable time or having to sieve through irrelevant search results.

Our visual platform not only directs users to their sought-after information fast but also introduces them to new and exciting sites, both of the same and different categories. We achieve this through a strict selection process and a back-and-forth dialogue among the AllMyFaves team members. This way, AllMyFaves acts as a pioneering force of Internet browsing, searching and learning, thereby offering nothing but the absolute best of what the web has to offer.

Today, when much of the searches we perform produce considerable numbers of spam, fraud and aggregation sites, we feel someone needs to step up and sift through the Internet so that Internet users’ experience is a positive, to the point and no-nonsense one. AllMyfaves has a calling and we’re dead set on doing it right. What a better way to do so than by the use of the human brain.

History and Approach

Back in 2006, Shachar Pessis grew frustrated by the cumbersome and convoluted nature of the Internet. To find something on the web, he had to type in URLs, use his ever-increasing list of bookmarks, enter key words in search engine boxes, or be acquainted with an Internet savvy friend who could recommend relevant sites to him. Sure enough, Shachar learned he was not alone: 72.3 percent of adult Americans experience ‘search engine fatigue’ either always, usually or sometimes when searching for a topic on the web (“The State of Search” – compiled by Autobytel Inc. with Kelton Research, October 2007). Discovering new sites was even more challenging and time-consuming, and rarely did Shachar accomplish this in a fast and easy manner.

Shachar shared his discontentment with Roy Pessis, his brother. Together they came to the conclusion that a better alternative must exist, one that applies to and is shareable by everyone, everywhere. The two brothers then held brainstorming sessions and came up with the AllMyFaves concept. They envisioned a virtual directory that includes a list of top and most visited sites in major daily-used subject categories, a list they knew would introduce new and interesting things to others as it grew larger. Shachar and Roy aimed for a simple way by which users can discover new fields of interest without having to think about these beforehand or surfing the Internet with the initial intent of learning new things.

The AllMyFaves’ Internet team scans the Internet for the best and latest sites on the web. Our experts are constantly hard at work in examining the Internet’s various aspects, categories and sites. By doing so, we eliminate all the crudeness of the Internet and offer users a purified, virtually distilled version of the web. Becoming a Faves expert is no easy task; new ‘fave selectors’ who come aboard AllMyFaves go through a personal and ongoing training program in order to perform high quality filtration of the thousands of sites they come across every week. Indeed, we are stern believers in human editing skills versus those of a machine or software.

My Faves

The My Faves feature is one of AllMyfaves’ most exciting components. Although we do our best in making AllMyFaves your one-stop-shop for all your Internet needs, we do recognize the fact that each user is into different fields of interests and activities. Therefore, we’re giving users their own creation powers for free. Once you’ve signed up and have logged in, you’ll have the option of adding your choice of new sites.

Weekly Faves

Updated every Monday, the Weekly Faves are our hand-picked sites for that week. These are the sites we were most impressed by and the ones we wish to pay forward to our users. Think of it as the ‘crème de la crème’ of the Internet on a weekly basis. Accordingly, the Weekly Faves offer users a little bit of everything each week with the added value of introducing new sites and fields of interest to users.

Weekly Games

Same as our Weekly Faves, the Weekly Games are our hand-picked games for that week and we update these every Wednesday. The web offers thousands of online free flash games but only a small percentage of these is actually worth spending some time on. Our games experts play games online all day (hey, someone needs to do the dirty work…) and provide you with only the best ones. We must give you the heads up though: entering the Weekly Games page might result in long hours of participation on your part. To see what games we’ve picked for our previous Weekly Games, you can either click on the Games tab on our homepage or simply click here.

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