Life Hacks | the little-known everyday habit of highly successful people

Working late into the night can make you more productive–and more successful–than you ever imagined.

Life-Hacks- little-known-everyday-habit-of-highly-successful-peopleThe Little-Known Everyday Habit of Highly Successful People

by Peter Economy

What’s that more successful person doing right now? Chances are, they are going to go to bed long after you’ve reached the happy land of dreams.

Although site after site encourages you to rest and take care of yourself–usually advocating tons of sleep to make sure your brain isn’t overworked–training yourself to fight exhaustion is a very powerful statement. The beauty of staying up late is that you have uninterrupted time to focus on yourself–and your work.

If you choose, over and over again, to fight against what your body naturally wants to do, then that shows a great combination of self-discipline and control.

Staying up later will encourage you to get more done and to complete every assignment that you meant to finish from the day before.

© photo by Gregory Mancuso

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