Video | young teen heroes save bus driver and passengers

When a school bus driver had a heart attack and the vehicle careened out of control, a couple of middle school students heroically saved the day.

Incredible-acts-of-heroism-by-ordinary-people---teens-save-bus-driver-&-passengersIt was a normal day for middle school students in the small town of Milton, Washington as they rode the school bus, until their driver suddenly lost consciousness and started flailing uncontrollably. Suffering from a heart attack, driver Ryan Callis let go of the steering wheel, and the bus careened out of control. Almost immediately, 13-year-old Jeremy Wuitschick ran to the front of the bus, grabbed the wheel, and steered to the side of the road, while taking the keys out of the ignition. Fellow seventh grader Johnny Wood, who had recently learned CPR, ran to the incapacitated driver and began chest compressions, while another student called 911.



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