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Pat’s Papers is a carefully edited collection of US news headlines delivered each weekday morning.

Pat's Papers news headlinesPat cuts through the clutter of the news choices on the Web to deliver a summary of stories that span the entire news spectrum from international news to domestic politics to science to gossip. Pat’s Papers is hosted by Pat Kiernan, the anchor of the morning news program on NY1 News in New York City. PP was created as the cross-country equivalent of the NYC-focused “In the Papers” segment Pat prepares each morning for NY1.

Don’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn to read the day’s headlines? He gets up early in order to give you a carefully-edited selection of the day’s news. Though he concentrates on U.S. papers, when a big story extends beyond the border, Pat does too.   

Pat's-Papers website is great collection of newspaper headlines around United States
Pat’s-Papers website is great collection of newspaper headlines around United States
Pat Kiernan of Pat's Papers
Pat Kiernan of Pat’s Papers

Every weekday morning we send out an early e-mail to subscribers with a preview of our favorite stories so you can get a jump on the news before your commute. Then, we start digging deeper to find smart selections from newspapers all across the country.  As we find interesting stories we’ll post them on the Story Stack.  Around midday, we review the Story Stack for our favorites and send out our final edition Pat’s Picks e-mail.

Pat writes about stories that catch his eye on Pat’s Blog. This is also where you’ll find our Front Page Tally—a scorecard that summarizes the stories that were chosen to lead the biggest U.S. newspapers.

New York magazine called Kiernan “the media junkie’s morning addiction,” and the Columbia Journalism Review cited him for his influence in shaping the nation’s news. He’s known to national audiences for his work as host of several game shows, including “World Series of Pop Culture.” CNN viewers remember Pat for his light-hearted take on business news on “The Money Gang.”

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