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los-angeles-corporate-photographer-gregory-mancuso-in-executive-portrait-photographyGregory Mancuso, an award-winning Los Angeles corporate photographer with over 20 years experience, creates captivating corporate, magazine and portrait photography. He specializes in business and lifestyle imagery as well as environmental portraits that reveal the natural warmth and personality of his subjects within impeccably designed and lit compositions.

Gregory has worked for many of our finest magazines, agencies and companies. Using sensitivity, respect and heaping helpings of humor, he’s able to relax and gain the trust of his subjects, capturing their inner personality and essence within exceptional photos. He has a natural knack for making those involved in the shoot, willing co-conspirators of the creative process, resulting in everyone contributing to the pleasant task of making striking imagery.

As a writer, Gregory has created numerous magazine articles and screenplays. He has a feature film credit for the thriller One Good Turn, sold several scripts, directed TV commercials, and worked as an assistant director for movies.

Gregory growed up in da Bronx and is now based in Los Angeles CA, and has a photo studio at Venice Beach.



The Dog Art Director

So I put my dog Nunzi on this stool and start telling him a good idea I have for our portrait. He rudely interrupts me, leans in and says…“Boring. I got a better idea. I’ll art direct this sucker. Watch.” And he proceeds to “direct” the shot. When he finishes stomping me and has my head flat on the stool where his butt used to be, he says… “Perfect. Me in a fine vanquishing pose and your goofy face on the seat. Good boy. That’s a wrap!” He mischievously cackles, the crew laughs at me and I’m off to see the chiropractor again.




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pet therapy, dog picturesGot dog? Greg and his dog, Enzo, are a pet therapy team and they say it’s the most fun and rewarding volunteer work you can do.

As you can see, Enzo and his fellow working dogs, bring a lot of comfort and smiles to humans in their community who need it the most. These furry care-givers help sick, physically challenged and special needs adults and kids. Below is more info in case you’re curious or want to get your own beast involved.

The pet therapy group Enzo and Greg belong to is a national group called the PetPartners and they have local chapters all around the country. If you live in the L.A. area, this is the local chapter Paws4Healing

If you have a pet and might want to join, here’s a link to the evaluation test and Enzo says it ain’t that hard a test and there are different skill levels of certification, in case your pet can’t do all the test exercises perfectly.