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Just Right

My my my, what a mighty fine morning. Not too warm, not too cool, not too breezy, not too unbreezy. Not a cloud in the sky and lots of fresh ocean air to suck in and savor. Yeah, a Goldilocks—”just right” morning.

And best of all, my best furry friend was enjoying it with me. Yep, me and he had a realization that this average morning moment in time is one of those terrific times I figure I’ll probably conjure up on my death bed as the life flashing before my eyes thing happens. Though nothing extraordinary, just our usual walk and fetch routine, I bet it’ll be in the greatest hits playback and I’ll be grateful to have had it queued up.

So I turn to my best beast and say “Hey Nutty Nunzi, I think this is a stupendous time and place we find ourselves in so let’s shoot a slice to remember it by.” Arf! He was in complete agreement and I pressed the record button and we got rolling….

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Toy Treasure Battle & Simple Doggy Economics

Canines don’t seem to have a firm grasp of complex economic principles. And since they rarely use cash or even credit cards, their perception of the worth of products and services is fairly weird. But although they lack knowledge of the various subtleties of economic theory, and supply and demand, they got the basics right.

They know demand. If they have a toy in their mouth, and somebody wants that product, then it indeed has value. And the more that somebody demonstrates their desire for that product, be they a furry or a fleshy creature, then in the eyes of said canine, the value increases a bunch.

Demand, demand, demand. Value goes up, up and more up! Simple doggy economics.

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Same-Old Same-Old or Super Duper Special

You get tired of the Same-Old Same-Old? I sure do and did. I was tired of going to the same old dumb beach. Yearned to be somewhere more exotic like Tahiti or something. Yep, I tired of the same routine. Like watching my dog Nunzi dig yet another hole in the sand—number 483? As you can see in the video.

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Dumb Diggin Contest


Funny Dog & Boy Have A Silly Digging Contest

Funny-dog-video-compilation-showing-dogs-freaking out after-taking-baths

Dogs Freak Out After Taking Baths



Dog Plays Piano And Sings



Cats Annoying Dogs

Goofy Dog Running Along Famous Venice Canals


Girl Can Have Fun & Walk With Great Dane



Funny Cats, Dogs, Animals Looking Silly While Eating



Sick Cheetah Cub & His Puppy Savior


Best funniest video-of-dogs-stealing-food-from-the-kitchen

Sneaky Diabolical Dogs Raiding The Kitchen

Puppyhood – Dumb Guy Adopts A Puppy


Cats Annoying Dogs



Dogs Failing Trying To Do Dog Stuff



Good Samaritan Dog Surprises Human Friend



Funny Dog & Jaguar Are Best Friends

Dogs Funny Efforts To Be Friends With Cats

Funny animal video showing reactions of jungle creatures, dogs seeing their mirror reflections for the first time

Animals Viewing Their First Mirror


Funny youtube dog video showing puppies babysitting their family's children in a very humorous way, T

Babysitting Dogs

Dog Trying To Play Fetch With Statue

Funny youtube dog video with extreme stunt dog Jumpy, parkour athlete Alex Duong, T

Extreme dog Jumpy teams up w Parkour athlete


Funny-youtube-video-of-puppy-learning-how-to-catch is great video clip for kids

9 seconds + 1 tiny puppy = 1 big laugh

Small Bulldog Befriends Big Police Horse

Funny-dog-and-cat-video-clip-shows-people-practicing-yoga-and-the-humorous,-annoying-things-their-cats,-dogs-do,-youtube - T

Dogs & Cats Interrupting Yoga



The Magic Word That Freezes These Nutty Mutts?

Jumpy – The Amazing Crazy Leaping Flying Dog


Top Ten Bath Hating Dogs



Dog Beach Party With Swimming Cat

Funny Antics Of Dog Playing With His Cougar Best Friend

best youtube funny dog video shows german shepard who thinks his shadow is a monster he must stomp on

Dog Thinks His Shadow Is A Monster He Must Stomp


best funny viral dog video-of-Gabe-the-bulldog-doing-tricks and humorous stunts good clip for kids

World’s Funnest & Smartest Bulldog

Puppy Tries To Join Dad On Treadmill


Ultimate Guilty Dog Compilation



Crazy Husky Playing In Pile Of Leaves

Crazy Cats Stealing Dog Beds


Water Antics of Elephant & Dog Best Friends


Funny animal video of dog dancing with a human, funny dog video for kids

Bestest Dancing Dog Ever

Playing Dead Tricks by Dog, Cat, Dolphin


Doggie Rube Goldberg Machine



Funny Reactions To Citrus

Cats Argue & Play Patty-Cake


Baby & Puppy Love Fest



Baby & Cat In Snuggling Nirvana

The Ultimate Maymo Dog Shaming


Husky Throwing Temper Tantrum



Dog Doing Human Tasks

Babies Laughing At Dogs


Puppy Eating In Very Weird Way



Dog Riding Bike With Chorus Line

Ultimate Dog Tease

Funny Video-cat-barking like a dog

Cat Impersonating Barking Dog


Funny Guilty-dog-video for kids

Denver The Famous Guilty Dog

Dog Doing Housekeeping Tasks

video of this puppy as he faces a daunting, dangerous task, and bravely conquers it

Puppy’s Great Prison Escape

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