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Video | Maron – excellent podcast begets funny IFC show

For years I’ve been listening to Marc Maron’s excellent podcast “WTF”, and now pod has morphed into video and begot a funny show on IFC called “Maron“.

Funny videos - Maron is comedian Marc Maron’s terrific tv show on IFC, portrait TBy Robert Lloyd

In “Maron,” Maron plays himself (or the more difficult aspects of himself, though he will sometimes let the sunshine in): a comedian who does a podcast from his garage, is a sober-living alcoholic, plays a little guitar and has cats, or cares for them.

As an actor, he is, one would say, playing the role he was born to, and he is most convincing — by which I mean relaxed — when alone, speaking into a microphone or re-creating the podcast (many famous faces face his). He is convincing enough, in any case, to play a black cloud, and he is supported by excellent professionals in big roles and small. Judd Hirsch continues as Marc’s father, and Sally Kellerman happily gets a lot more to do this year as his mother.  Continue reading

Video Clip – Maron Season 3 Trailer


Funny videos - Maron is comedian Marc Maron’s terrific tv show, on set w actors

Maron is comedian Marc Maron’s terrific tv show, on set w actors

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Podcasts | Dana Gould Hour – creative and funny comedian podcast

I’ve listened to plenty of podcasts by comedians and the “Dana Gould Hour” is the funniest, most creative and the best produced one out there.

I’ve enjoyed Dana Gould as a standup comedian for a long time, going back over 20 years when I lived in San Francisco and witnessed several of his shows. His routines were a fine mix of silliness and intelligence. Although I didn’t realize it until I started doing research for this post, it turns out I’ve also enjoyed his writing for years. He has written many episodes for “The Simpsons”.

The Dana Gould Hour podcast episode

How my dad got his teeth kicked out and other tales of manliness! Marine bootcamp, Dirty Harry, Two Guys From Boston and an ode to The Wolfman. Rob Cohen, John Ennis, Eddie pepitone, Lou Schneider, Joel Stein. 

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The Dana Gould Comedy Hour – By Sam Webb

Dana Gould was and remains one of the leading lights of the ‘alternative comedy movement.’ And finally, having calmly and stoically assessed the scene, finally launched his own podcast back in February and praise be, as he emboldens the standard podcast format, hosting a show bristling with ideas, strange stories of yore and two men from Boston. Each episode lasts around about an hour, is broadcast fortnightly and brings with it mirth and brightness to spare.

Video Dana Gould stand-up comedy on Conan

The bedrock of each show follows the familiar podcast trope of ‘three white guys talkin’ but brings with it a vibrancy, elegance and intelligence that really sets it apart from competitors. This is as much down to the individual and collaborative skills of the guest collective, so far including such luminaries as Eddie Pepitone and Matt Weinhold, as it is to the topics they discuss, which are as inviting as they are expansive.  Continue reading »