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Humor | Video – Dancing with my baby me

Dancing With My Baby-Me

A winning combo of a creative and cute concept with dancing babies! Hard to resist. It is a cute fantasy of seeing yourself dancing with you as a baby looking back at you through a reflection.  A highly imaginative commercial video that shows people in the commercial being engaged in the action–drawing the viewer to be engaged as well. Evian had a series of Evian Baby commercials before Baby & Me included the Roller Babies the most viewed video ever to that day.


Funny Dog Video | the ultimate dog shaming

The Ultimate Dog Shaming – With Cute Maymo

 My fave poor pooch behavior clip! Very funny. Maymo the lemon beagle is caught on video making very poor choices. This dog rolls in pickles, hoards water jugs, and destroys an antique stuffed panda bear before he gets caught and ultimately ‘shamed’ for his skullduggery.




Funny Dog Video | funny husky throwing temper tantrum

Husky Throwing A Temper Tantrum

In this funny video, a goofy dog acts like a little kid who thoroughly protests and refuses to do what you tell him to do. The pooch refuses to stop watching TV and to get off the couch. She argues and argues. Remind you of anyone?


Funny Animal Videos-husky-having-temper-tantrum to watch tv on the couch

Funny Dog Video | dog doing human tasks-dressing, driving

Dog Doing Human Tasks

This is a video of a hound dog earnestly going about the daily human activities from waking up to the alarm, getting dressed, brushing teeth, having breakfast, watching TV and driving to work. These guys did a good job with the low-budget production and it’s quite entertaining and doggedly cute.



Funny Dog Video | babies laughing at dogs

Babies Laughing At Dogs

Babies are cute. Dogs are cute. Babies laughing at dogs? You do the math. This is a well put together montage of adorable babies laughing their huge little heads off as rambunctious dogs lick their faces and jump around etc. The babies in the clip laugh uncontrollably, as if they’re hearing a comedian tell bawdy jokes at a club. Comments at YouTube range from “cutest supercut ever” to “why do dogs make babies laugh? and why do babies make dogs curious? and why is life so beautiful?” Of course, all the babies are hilarious, but we recommend you pay special attention to the kid with the water hose near the end of the clip. Mark our words — that one’s gonna be qutie a troublemaker

funny video of babies laughing at dogs and playing with dogs

funny video of babies laughing at dogs and playing with dogs