Apps | Parker-finds parking spaces, can pay & reserve spots

Tired of driving in circles? Have a meeting downtown and can’t find parking? Want to reserve a spot ahead before heading out to your favorite restaurant? Wish you could pay for parking with your phone? Now you can with the Parker app.

Parker app finds and pays for parking spacesWant your navigation system to give directions, traffic, and show you where to park? Now, you can! With Parker, you can find everything you wanted to know about where to park all in one place. Just start up Parker via your smartphone, tablet, the web, and in-car navigation system, and Parker will help you:


Video tutorial on the use of the Parker app

  • Find a place to park on-street and off-street with real-time and static information
  • Voice guidance – let’s you know where parking is nearby
  • Search by points of interest or address   
  • Easily toggle between availability and price
  • Pay for parking – no need to interrupt shopping or dining to feed the meter
  • Make advance reservations – no more relying on luck
  • Search by criteria – EV charging stations, handicapped spaces, on-street or off-street only, or specific payment options
  • Find your car – drop a Google Maps pin directly in Parker, and Parker will guide you back
  • Compare prices, hours, and more
  • Take advantage of coupons and specials where available

    Parker app finds and pays for parking spaces
    Parker app finds and pays for parking spaces
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