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Is it stingy to use a Groupon coupon for your share of a check? Should I nix a former in-law from my Facebook page after a divorce? What to do when a colleague steals your job title and description for her LinkedIn profile? These are the kinds of dilemmas that Manners For The Digital Age podcast tackle for you.

Podcasts - Manners for the Digital age slateWith smartphones appearing in millions of pockets and computer screens mediating more and more of our interactions, the question of what’s rude has rarely been in greater flux. Technology and social media have connected us in astounding ways, but they’ve also given rise to etiquette dilemmas Emily Post never could have imagined.

Manners For The Digital Age podcast episode – By Andy Bowers

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As we were developing Slate’s new podcast “Manners for the Digital Age,” we realized that in such a fast-changing social environment, the manners column needed an update, too. We think the best etiquette advice is no longer just one person’s opinion but a debate between two writers with very different perspectives on digital culture.   

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Emily Yoffe, the woman behind Slate’s Dear Prudence advice column, has years of experience refereeing disputes between family members, significant others, co-workers, and friends. Plus, she was probably on Facebook before you were. But Emily is not exactly a technophile. “I’m the person the Dummy books are written for,” she told me. “I appreciate technology, but it confuses and flummoxes me. I know I can’t keep up, but my goal is not to fall terminally behind. I can text; I have a Kindle. But I’m the only person walking the streets actually talking to myself because I have no ear buds and am not plugged into any devices. I have no apps.”


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