Apps | Layar & Junaio – “augmented reality” apps add digital information to the real world around you

Augmented reality covers the many ways of adding digital information to the real world around you, using a smartphone’s camera.

By Kit Eaton

It’s clever and very futuristic, but you can still try it out now easily with the Layar and Junaio apps. A relaxed late evening stroll along the esplanade in my seaside hometown may not seem like the ideal opportunity to test out what may be the cutting edge of mobile app technology, but it was this week.

On the walk I’d noticed an enormously large cargo ship, with giant cranes on its deck, floating in the sunset haze a few miles out at sea, and I was curious what the ship was named and where she was from. Fortunately there was an app for that. An augmented reality app.

Apps That Present Highlights of the World in Front of You

Layar – Innovative AR and Interactive Print Solutions

Print comes to life with Layar, Scan magazines, newspapers, posters and other print materials enhanced with Layar and then watch as extra digital content appears. Layar allows you to interact with print in a whole new way! Continue reading

 Layar – mobile Augmented Reality browser app


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