Apps | 8 after-work apps to melt your stress away

So your brutal workday is over and you’re ready for some great entertainment, but you’re not really feeling your usual takeout and Netflix relaxation ritual tonight. Good news, there’s plenty of great apps out there designed to make sure you have fun.

Smartphone after-work apps to melt your stress away for iPhone,iPad, Android By Lauren Hockenson

These eight apps will pretty much cover any mood you’re in and help you unwind your way — whether it’s lounging around solo, getting together with friends or perhaps meeting someone new. You’ll want to come back to them over and over again for fun ideas and hours of entertainment, helping you ease the stress of your day and feel refreshed for tomorrow’s grind.


If you’re planning on painting the town red, it’s important to find the best place possible. There’s plenty of apps to show you where the best and most interesting places are, but if you haven’t already, you should give Poynt a try.

Poynt goes one step further than traditional guides by integrating valuable information within the simple app. For example, if you’re interested in seeing a movie at your local theatre, Poynt will not only give you the name and address of the theatre, but a list of available show times and each movies’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes. These add-ons help you make your decision quickly, so you spend less time thinking and more time having fun.

Apps - Poynt smartphone app for iPhone and Android


There are nights when going out feels like the right thing to do after work, and others where you just want to spend time indoors with friends. If you’re looking to put on a swanky after-work shindig (or just impress your friends with a well-stocked bar and a little bit of ingenuity), Mixologist is a great resource to pull off impressive and tasty cocktails.

Mixologist is the ad-free version of the free Mixology, and it comes with hundreds of cocktail recipes as well as the ability to add in your old standbys. If you’re unsure of what to make, or if you’re brainstorming for the right drink to suit the mood, Mixologist also features a randomizer to help you find certain drink types or beverages that utilize a certain alcohol. This app is a go-to if you want to bring the party back home.

Apps - Mixology smartphone app for iPhone and Android

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