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(Special post written by my dog Enzo) Think us dogs wanna be left behind while you go have fun? Well we don’t! Not never! So fetch the Fido Factor app and it’ll tell you where you can go with your canine, where ever you happen to go.

This app sniffs out pooch-friendly bars, restaurants, hotels, parks, stores, beaches, transportation, and lots of pet services. Yep, this mighty fine Fido Factor, a free app, digs up and fetches a big user-generated list of dog-friendly locations.

Simply get your opposable thumbs tapping, search for a location type (i.e. restaurant) and you’ll find a list of locales which welcome canines, along with ratings, reviews, photos, and a filled-in Google map.

dogs sitting on bench
Enzo with his girlfriend – photo ©GregoryMancuso

It’s a lot like Yelp, but for dog lovers. And we know dog lovers are the best lovers : )

Fido Factor smart phone app screen shots
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You can browse around by category, name, or do a proximity search for cool canine hotspots right around you.

Recently I was a hound outta town, exploring the Bay Area. So I find myself prancing around San Fran and Greg, my personal valet, (he hates when I call him that, but that’s what he is) wanted a beer.

So I told him to take out Fido Factor and find a bar that has the good taste to allow canines in to have a taste too.

This is what we got…   

In two shakes of a terrier’s tail, Fido fetched over 47 bars for us to consider. We sorted by ratings–which go from one to five bones. We considered a five-bone rated place, the Dirty Trix Saloon. Fido Factor app - dirty trix bar

My valet read the reviews and I checked out the pics. Fido Factor iPhone app - dirty trix bar, interiorSince we were told it had water bowls and treats and dog-loving owners–I was in.

Greg read the reviews, which are from dog fans like your own selves, who have hung out there before.

Greg liked the reviews, free pool and Richmond neighborhood. So off we galloped and we had a barking good time there.

But my Fido friend ain’t just good to use when you’re out of town. It’s works well for exploring and discovering places right in your own neighborhood. I just smacked my paw on “Restaurants” – “Los Angeles” and “3 Square Café + Bakery” jumped up. It’s right in my Venice hood and a reviewer said the three magic words–“Very dog friendly”. Yeah! I’m gonna bark out marching orders to my personal valet, uh, chauffeur, and take off pronto.

Remember Fido Factor also has a big bunch of Pet Services in its brain: Boarding, Dog Daycare, Dog Sitting, Dog Training, Dog Walking, Dog Washing, Grooming, Holistic Health, Pet Food, Pet Photography, Pet Transportation, Shelter/Rescue, Veterinarians. That pretty much covers it, huh?

You can keep track of the best places within the favorites tab and even store pictures of your best beast at those prime locations within the app. The listings on Fido Factor are constantly updated by app users and visitors to the website, I give it four paws up. Bark on!

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