Video | Baby twins rock out to dad’s guitar & millions laugh

This is one of the cutest videos I’ve seen and apparently over 11 million people agree. The viral video of these two babies is short and sweet, and if you need a smile, it’s quite a treat.

Twin girls are eating their peas when their father starts playing his guitar. They look at each other, grin, and start moving their heads wildly back and forth, almost in baby unison.

Their mother, who is filming, starts laughing. And unless you are a monster, so will you. It is so pure and adorable and they love their dad’s guitar playing so much. I defy you to only watch it one time.

In this youtube funny video clip baby-twins-rock-out-to-dad's-guitar and laugh
In this youtube funny video clip baby-twins-rock-out-to-dad’s-guitar and laugh
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