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The Adam Carolla Show is the top ranked comedy podcast and Guinness World Records holder for the most downloaded podcast ever. Adam shares his thoughts on current events, interviews celebrities and rants about whatever’s bugging him today. Which is usually plenty.

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The Adam Carolla Show is one of the podcasts I’ve listened to for years, although I usually only listen when he interviews a comedian or celeb I enjoy. He can be a ranting handful and an annoyance to my more pc correct friends, but he’s usually entertaining and quite funny when his rant-machine is racing and firing on all cylinders.

I recommend trying any of his podcast episodes that contain any of these recurring guests: Larry Miller, David Alan Grier, Dana Gould, Greg Fitzsimmons. You can read my post about Gould’s podcast here.

The Adam Carolla Show-video podcast with Jay Mohr

Here’s a good article about the podcast empire Carolla is building…

Three Lessons From Adam Carolla In Building A Podcast Empire

By Michael Wolf

As a longtime fan of Adam Carolla’s, I was both relieved and excited in February of 2009 when the comedian announced he would launch a podcast.

Relieved because, like many, I enjoyed the comedian’s hilarious rants about pretty much everything under the sun, and the recent cancellation of his syndicated radio show meant that I wouldn’t be hearing him on air anytime soon.

The Adam Carolla Show podcast--Adam Carolla talking to guest on phone
The Adam Carolla Show podcast–Adam Carolla talking to guest on phone

Excited because I thought it could mean something big for the podcast market. After all, while podcasts had grown steadily since the term was coined in 2004, they hadn’t quite fulfilled their early hype for a variety of reasons, and I thought Carolla’s entry could possibly bring more listeners to the medium.


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The Adam Carolla Show podcast--crew member, drop specialist Bald Bryan
The Adam Carolla Show podcast–crew member, drop specialist Bald Bryan


The Adam Carolla Show podcast--in recording studio
The Adam Carolla Show podcast–in recording studio


‘King of podcasts’ Adam Carolla speaks his mind

By Dan Moran

It’s been nearly 20 years since Adam Carolla made a life-altering decision: He volunteered to train Jimmy Kimmel in a celebrity boxing match in Los Angeles.

“He did a radio (show), and it was ‘Jimmy the Sports Guy’ vs., you know, ‘Michael the Maintenance Man’ for a morning radio stunt,” Carollo recalled, on the phone from Los Angeles, about the fateful developments in 1994.

“They needed trainers, and I was working as a boxing trainer at the time, and I said, ‘I’ll train one of these guys.’ I wasn’t thinking about training Jimmy, per se. I would have taken Michael the Maintenance Man and had a whole new career, I’m sure.”

He added that “I showed up at the radio station and Jimmy came down the hall, and he wasn’t doing anything. He was making, I don’t know, $53,000 a year working at the radio station? And he said, ‘When do you want to start?’ and I said, ‘How ’bout today?’”

The rest, as they say, is history, though Carolla sounds amazed to this day about the measures of fame that the two friends now share.


The Adam Carolla Show podcast--Adam Carolla recording podcast in the studio
The Adam Carolla Show podcast–Adam Carolla recording podcast in the studio

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